Plan-finance Department

The main tasks of the Department include:

– accounting procedures for operational and financial activities;

– control over the legal use of material, labour and financial resources, preservation safety of organization assets;

– rational ensuring of financial accounting and reporting in the organization;

– compliance control over the order, timeliness and satisfactory forms of processing of primary and accounting documents;

– preparation of authentic accounting documents on the basis of primary documents and accounting records, its submission to the  proper authorities within the time limits set;

– safeguarding  of accounting documents;

– compliance control over statements, orders and other regulations regarding accounting procedures and salary;

– represention of the Institute interests  in overhead organizations and institutions in the conduct of the Department competence.

Accounting work is carried out using accounting automation applications.

Heard of the Department, Chief Accountant – Priskoka Tatyana.

Тel.: +375 17 362 18 06