Economic Regulation Department 

Head of the Department – Shpak Alexander, Doctor of Economics, professor.

Тel.: +375 17 375 59 34


 Investment and Innovations Sector

The Sector deals with the regulating mechanisms development of investment processes in agricultural sector, the identification of priority investment areas  in conditions of innovative development,  investment projects justification, sources, forms and methods of financing investment and innovation activities.

 Head of the Sector – Chabatul Vitaliy, Candidate of Economics, associate professor.

Тel.: +375 17 352 10 29


 Finances Sector

The Sector studies mechanisms of state support in agriculture, financing, taxation and insurance of agricultural industry, assessment of their effectiveness and development of  improvement proposals. 

Head of the Sector – Sharenko Alexandr Nikolaevich Master of Economics
Тel.: +375 17 399 91 03 


 Pricing Sector

This Sector deals with the development of effective pricing regulating mechanism of agricultural production control; the research and assessment of pricing relationship in the sphere of Agroindustrial Complex and agrarian market; the identification of rational government control and guarantees to agricultural commodity producers; the pricing monitoring of world, European and internal market of agricultural raw materials and products.

Head of the Sector – Makrak Svetlana Candidate of Economics

Тel.: +375 17 374 90 16


Property Relations and Privatization Sector

The economic monitoring of the privatization processes in Agroindustrial Complex and  suggestions development for improving the privatization mechanisms of property complexes of enterprises are included in the sector activity.

 Head of the Sector – Bychkov Nikolay, Candidate of Economics, associate professor.

Тel.: +375 17 227 08 80