Department of organization and management

Head of the Department – Sayganov Anatoliy, Doctor of Economics, professor.

Тel.: +375 17 357 82 63


 Management Sector

 This Sector grounds and adopts effective business models in the context of reforming of traditional large-size manufacturing agricultural enterprises and forming of mixed market economy.

Head of the Sector – Takun Anatoliy, Candidate of Economics, associate professor.

Тel.: +375 17 257 39 52


Cooperation Sector

 This Sector is involved in the development of scientific and practical re-
commendations on agribusiness enterprises cooperation in conditions of development of cooperative and integration management forms.

Head of the Sector – Gusakov Egor, Candidate of Economics, associate professor.

Тel.: +375 17 364 61 05


Labour Market Sector

The Sector activity includes the development of organizational and economic measures for increase of work productivity and motivation,  human resources potential quality  of Agroindustrial Complex, scientific support of labor organization,  staff stimulation  of agricultural organizations.

Head of the Sector – Pashkevich Olga, Candidate of Economics, associate professor.

Тel.: +375 17 255 51 27


Small Forms Management and Land Relations Sector

This Sector studies land relations development, scientific basis of land inventory, methodology of economic land valuation and efficient land use. It includes the development of effective models of organization and functioning of peasant (farm) and private subsidiary plots.

Heard of the Sector – Pyl Vitaly

Тel.: +375 17 249 54 12