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Aliaksei Barel

Development of Agriculture Competitiveness Assessment Methods

Summary: Increase of competitiveness and efficiency is one of the key tasks for rural economy under the conditions of constantly growing competition both at the market of Eurasian economic union and at the markets of the far abroad countries. In this regard there is a necessity to estimate competitiveness of agriculture and to analyze the factors of its formation. Different competitiveness assessment methods are considered and existing approaches to the agriculture competitiveness assessment are studied in the article. The methods of agriculture competitiveness assessment are developed based on the analysis fulfilled.


Elena Molozhavaya

Methodological basis for the development of a set of indicators for assessing the economic integration of member countries of the Single Economic Space

Summary: The article describes the positive and negative effects of economic integration. Presents a set of indicators to measure the economic integration of member countries of the SES. The analysis of the competitive advantages of agricultural raw materials and food in the mutual trade of member countries of the SES.


Fadej Suboch

Polyvariant institutional integration of enterprises in innovation-cluster food system


Michael Zapolsky

Methodological bases of functioning of the intracorporate economic mechanism

Summary: Methodological approaches of construction of economic relations within the limits of the large agricultural organisations between intraeconomic divisions which promote an equivalent exchange of results of industrial activity between labour collectives are considered, provide conformity of interests of an economy, divisions and each worker separately.

Various models of intracorporate economic relations for use in the large agricultural organisations, functioning as on the basis of economic, and commercial calculation are offered.


Aliaksandr Shpak, Yury Sialiukou, Vitali Chabatul, Mikalai Artsiusheuski, Alena Sakalouskaja

To the question about the criteria of competitive selection of investment projects for the construction of dairy farms

Summary: Brief description of the main legal acts regulating the content, the order of development, approval and review of business plans of investment projects, as well as their expertise in the Republic of Belarus. Systematized and critically analyzed the main indicators are proposed as criteria of competitive selection of investment projects for the construction of dairy farms. The conclusion about the need for targeted investment of domestic dairy cattle with the aim of achieving maximum benefits from the investment.


Heorhi Kolasau

The essence and content of the category 'land relations' monitoring location and cadastral valuation of lands in the system of land relations

Summary: The article identifies the essence and content of the category 'land relations'. The place of monitoring and cadastral valuation of lands in the system of land relations.


Anna Petrakovich

Conceptual positions of development of system of credit cooperation in the Republic of Belarus

Summary: The infrastructure of the credit organizations existing in Republic of Belarus is poorly adapted to rendering financial services to subjects of small agro business and the citizens living in countryside.

The article bases the necessity of development of system of rural credit cooperation which at presence of sufficient state support can become the alternative form of organization of rural credit-finance service.


Elena Kienya,Veronica Goose

Evaluation of the results of the personnel to enhance the motivation of his work


Olga Merzlova

Increase of economic efficiency of agrochemical protective actions in feed production

Summary: On radioactively contaminated territories importance of realization of protective actions in feed production is caused by their role in obtaining of normatively clean production of animal breeding. In connection with deficiency of application of mineral fertilizers on the grassland and the low content of exchange potassium in soil the question of perfection of agrochemical actions on grassland demands attention.


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