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Stepan Polonik, Eleanora Khorobrikh, Ann Lytvynchuk

Influence of trade and economic relations Latvia and Belarus for their sustainable development. P. 211

Summary: The article highlights the main trends in the agri-food sector of the Republic of Belarus, indicated in its dependence on the macroeconomic risks. Obtained levels of analysis and forecasting of the hierarchy, as well as inherent in these processes methodological features. Are considered long-term scenarios for the development of agri-food sector of the country, carried out on the basis of the principles of 'green' economy.


Oksana Suhotskaya

About some results of realization of programme of development and supporting of personal subsidiary plots in the Republic of Belarus. P. 1215

Summary: The main goals and the results of realization of 'The programme of development and supporting of personal and subsidiary plots in the Republic of Belarus in 20112015' are represented in this article. The author defines the tendencies of the development of personal subsidiary plots as the main representatives of small commodity production.


Inna Tretyakova

Investment activity and efficiency of investments with allowance for the fact - funding structure in agriculture of Belarus. P. 1621

Summary: In the article, according to the analysis of investment activity in the agricultural sector of the economy of Belarus found that its decrease (particularly in 2014) caused not only by macro-economic factors (reduction of budget funds and credit resources in the investment sources of funding), but also in equity changes sources of investment, which are characterized by a decrease in income and an increase in natural forms of investment.


Maxim Maevski

Initial public offering as an effective tool of self-support mechanism of agricultural enterprises. P. 2227

Summary: The author defines the questions of the initial public offering of shares of agricultural enterprises are considered requirements for companies to carry out an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange. Also shows the structure of the organizational costs for the placement of shares in the electronic trading system of NASDAQ.


Andrei Pilipuk

Assessment of the capacity of the processing agribusiness organizations on the basis of the development up to 2015. P. 2837

Summary: The article assesses the performance and capacity of processing agribusiness organizations on the basis of the development up to 2015. The main factors of development of the food industry and the complex of measures on realization of their potential in the long term.


Iryna Stankevich

The methodology for monitoring and evaluating the development of the dairy industry. P. 3842

Summary: The results of the study of theoretical and methodological aspects of the monitoring process, as well as the sustainability aspects of the assessment process and the development of financial activity dairy companies. The aim of the appropriate action is to diagnose the condition of the structure of the system of indicators corresponding to the specifics of the industry. The scientific novelty of the proposed method is the possibility of its application to the study of the dynamics and efficiency of the potential for sustainable development of milk processing enterprises the choice of measures to stimulate the said process, the development and implementation of a strategy, evaluation of the results of its implementation. The proposed method can be used by the leadership of the specific dairy companies as well as public authorities.


Ludmila Skoropanova

Development of small and medium entrepreneurship in agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. P. 4352

Summary: The analysis of formation and development stages of small and medium entrepreneurship in the Republic of Kazakhstan is provided in the article. The regulations adopted at the initial stage within programs which are aimed at ensuring equal interaction of the state and private sectors of economy are considered. The state policy directed on support of small and medium entrepreneurship, institutes and the main measures of its support is also considered in the article. The economic indicators characterizing the sphere of small business in this republic are given.


Yelena Garazha

Management of land market in different countries of the world. P. 5360

Summary: The article deals with the management of land market in foreign countries. The effectiveness of land management ensures the development of land market and market infrastructure.