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Alexandr Shpak, Natallia Kireyenko, Lidziya Baihot, Svetlana Kondratenko

Agribusiness Development Strategy of the Republic of Belarus to the increased competition in the global food market

Summary: The paper studied the problems and prospects of strategic development of agriculture of the Republic of Belarus. The features of national food security revealed with regard to increasing competition in the global agricultural market. Identify the problems of effective development of exports of agricultural products and foodstuffs. Reasonable steps to improve the efficiency of foreign trade of agricultural and processing industries of the Republic of Belarus.


Viktor Sushko

Development of branding strategy designed Belarusian global food corporation

Summary: The article reveals developed branding strategy within a business model for the of the Belarusian global food trade corporation establishment. The analysis of features of branding in the global food market and the experience of building an effective branding strategy by Nestlé, and Danone corporations are studied as well as randing strategies of Belarusian and Russian food companies. The author developed the concept of shared values creating and brand of the Belarusian global food corporation system. The architecture of the brand system also consider independent participants on the market. Formation of common values being is built on the basis of the formation of the chain value of the goods to the consumer: research and development agriculture food industry food trade capital goods brand consumer. The basis of the formation of shared values is social, corporate and environmental responsibility of the food corporation.


Yury Seliukov, Vitali Chabatul

Regulatory support for regulation of investment activity and improvement in the agricultural sector

Summary: Analyzed the system of normative legal acts regulating investment activity in the Republic of Belarus. Summarizes the main instruments of economic regulation of investments in Belarus. Based on the study of foreign practices (in particular, Russian and French, as well as the validity of fundamental laws governing the investment processes in some countries) made proposals on improvement of normative legal regulation in the sphere of investments in the Republic of Belarus.


Larisa Veremejchik

Perspective directions of competitiveness development of agro-industries greenhouse complex of Belarus

Summary: The analysis of condition and level of competitiveness of agribusiness enterprises of a hothouse complex of republic is represented. Perspective directions of increasing of competitiveness of considered agribusiness enterprises of a hothouse complex are determined.


Iryna Pashtovaya

Evaluation of stability of high quality milk production in the Republic of Belarus: regional aspect

Summary: The multidimensional analysis of tendencies of change of quality of the raw milk produced in the agricultural organizations of the republic is carried out, dynamics of structure of milk taking into account grades in regional consideration and in the whole country is reflected. Given the assessment of stability of production of high quality milk.


Volha Lastochkina

Effect of demographic factors on the formation of labor potential of rural settlements of Mogilev region

Summary: The labor resources formation in the rural area of the region under the effect of demographic factors, such as fertility, mortality, length of life of the rural population, the natural population decline and migration, and others are analyzed. The measures of the demographic situation improving and the region and the country as a whole are suggested.


Anatolij Sajganov, Alexander Lenskij

Service conditions assessment of machine-tractor aggregares

Summary: The main natural production factors defining functioning efficiency of machine and tractor units are revealed. Calculations for formation of standard service conditions of equipment taking into account the modern arrangement of borders of agroclimatic areas are executed. For assessment and ranging simplification of the received clusters the way allowing to transform natural indicators of the considered factors having various dimension and change range to dimensionless sizes is offered. Values of coefficients of ponder ability of factors on productivity of machine and tractor units are proved.


Yaroslav Brechko, Alexander Golovach, Evgenij Sednev

The analysis of current production state of grass forages from perennial and annual grasses on the arable land of the Republic of Belarus


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