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Yury Sialiukou, Vitali Chabatul

The theoretical basis of the economic mechanism of regulation of investment activity in the agricultural sector

Summary: Clarified the basic concepts and categories of investment activity (the essence, the economic mechanism of regulation, subjects, objects). Analyzed the etymology, evolution and the modern understanding of the category of economic mechanism. Substantiated the content of the economic mechanism of regulation of investment activity in agriculture.


Olga Marchuk

Role of State programs of development of agro-industrial complex in structure of national economy of Republic of Belarus

Summary: In article the role of state programs of development of agro-industrial complex in development of national economy is defined. The method of the regression analysis revealed close interrelation between volumes of expenses on realization of state programs in the sphere of agrarian and industrial complex and the main socio-economic indexes of Republic of Belarus.


Fadej Suboch

Sustainable balanced development of the product structure in the institutional space of food system of the Eurasian Economic Union


Ala Tsiatsiorkina, Alesia Trunina, Liudmila Pashkevich, Tatsiana Sabaleuskaya

To the question of the price volatility on the agrofood markets of Belarus and neighboring countries

Summary: In the article the definition of the price volatility is determined and the main factors, that predetermine it on the agrofood market, are presented. Among the factors are those detected, that affect the level and dynamic of the agriculture products prices in 2014. The analysis of their influence on the functioning conditions organization of agrarians in Belarus and neighboring countries is carried out. The price trends on the grain, milk, meat in these countries are considered.


Petr Rastorgouev

The quality and safety of agricultural products: trends and features for forming in current conditions

Summary: Efficiency of modern mechanism of managing quality of agricultural products is reflected in specific indicators of its quality. The article contains analysis of major features in shaping consumer and technological features of agricultural products, the trends of the development of the system of quality and safety management in Belarus.


Marina Kakora

The mechanism of management of investment activity carried out by meat-processing organisations in conditions of uncertainty and risk

Summary: Today the majority of organizations of Belarus carry out the activity in conditions of uncertainty and risk. For a choice of the most effective method of management and acceptance of effective administrative decisions in the given conditions it is necessary for head to know, what kinds of risks, influence investment activity of the organization. The current article considers the mechanism of management of investment activity carried out by meat-processing organisations: kinds of investment risks are specified, a more correct method of estimation and accounting of risks is suggested. Moreover, methods of management are determined in the way to be to the greatest degree corresponding to the specificities of risks, which are typical for investment projects, run by enterprises of meat-processing sector.


Olga Merzlova

Development of criteria of efficiency of protective actions for reduction of radionuclid content in plant growing production

Summary: At a stage of considerable reduction of volumes of mismatching norms of radionuclides content agricultural production further realization protective means is necessary for maintenance of the received results. In connection with this the approach for estimation of their efficiency demands change.

The indicator of prevented prognostic production pollution has been put in basis of suggested method. Thus decrease of estimated level to requirements of the basic trading partners taking into account the all-European tendencies is important. Therefore the three-stage model of private criteria of efficiency of protective measures in plant growing has been developed. It is synthesis of the market requirements to quality of agricultural production and raw materials, the Law of Belarus About social protection of the citizens who have suffered from accident on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and nonthreshold concept. It represents system of restrictions which can be used for calculation the economic efficiency of protective means at operating norms and forecasting of their toughening.


Pavel Liubetski

The modelling of marketing strategy for meat-processing enterprise

Summary: The perfection of marketing strategy realization as a direction of strategic marketing efficiency increasing at the industrial enterprises is analyzed in the article. A set of parameters of meat-processing enterprises activity is generated for the determination of marketing strategy structure.

Potential determinants of enterprise strategy are established by factorial analysis. The basic ones are selected in the result of regression analysis and the force and direction of their influence on enterprise strategy efficiency is measured. The indicators of each determinant of enterprise marketing strategy can be used to construct a Balanced Scorecard. Such a formalized enterprise strategy will be the effective tool of strategic marketing for meat-processing enterprise.


Natallia Parkhomenka

Tendencies of development and feature of agroindustrial integration in the conditions of transitive economy.

Summary: The general principles of agroindustrial integration have universal character, however degree and forms of their display are defined by concrete conditions of system of the managing, peculiar to the certain periods of development of economy. In article main principles, laws and features of development of cooperation and integration in system of agroindustrial manufacture of the states with transitive economy on an example of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are opened.