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Andrei Pilipuk, Egor Gusakov, Fadej Suboch

The draft concept for the development of a cluster of institutional space food system of the Eurasian Economic Union on the basis of innovation. P. 28

Summary: The article gives information regarding the creating and function of the international scientific centre of cluster organization AIC, the work of which will give an opportunity to concentrate financial and economic, intellectual and other resources to find the solution to major problems. Apart from that, according to the research, the establishment of such structure will reinforce international positions of national economy.


Valery Belski, Pavel Lappo

The Tax Mechanism of Agroindustrial Complex: Contradictions and Ways of Their Solutions. P. 915

Summary: The improvement questions of the tax mechanism of agriculture and processing industry of Agroindustrial Complex in the context of labor reduction and material inputs on conducting tax administration, the objective accounting of managing conditions, producers and consumers interests of agricultural goods, preservation of tax preferences of agriculture forming operational cooperation clusters of joint activity of the agricultural and overworking enterprises are considered in the article.


Sergei Zakhoroshko

Innovative technique of an estimation of level of concentration and manufacture monopolisation in agrarian and industrial complex. P. 1622

Summary: Concepts of specialisation, concentration and manufacture monopolisation are investigated. Distinctions between categories are spent. The basic lines and concentration characteristics are analyzed. Forms in which concentration of manufacture in agriculture is carried out are studied. The original technique of an estimation of level of concentration and manufacture monopolisation in agrarian industrial complex is resulted. The formula of an index of concentration which reflects a real condition of the market is offered.


Petr Rastorgouev

Trends of formation and evaluation of the level of the consumer and technological properties for agricultural produce in Belarus. P. 2329

Summary: The efficiency of the actual quality management mechanism of AIC products can be shown by means its concrete parameters. The article presents the trends of formation of the consumer and technological properties for agricultural products in Belarus.


Alexander Yakovlev, Zhanna Rupasova, Vladimir Kolotuhin

Ecological and economic efficiency of reclamation of cutover peatlands of the Pripyat Polesie based on the cultivation of the varietal blueberry. P. 3037

Summary: A selection of the most effective measures for a restoration and reuse of the lands broken by peat extraction gets the main value in the conditions of growing limitation of land resources. The basic directions of rational nature management on the cutover peatlands are considered. Results of scientifically based method of phytorecultivation of the cutaway peatlands in terms of the cultivation of the introduced berry plants of the genus Vaccinium which have passed experimental approbation in the conditions of Pripyat Polesie are adduced. Look-ahead calculation of economic efficiency of introduction of the developed technology is executed. It is shown that the project becomes paid back on 5 year after stump planting of a varietal blueberry.


Tatiana Hurynovich

Analysis of the preconditions of development of organic production in Belarus. P. 3842

Summary: Have been investigated preconditions in the development of organic production in the Republic of Belarus. In the article have been analyzed the environmental, economic, social, legal backgrounds and development trends of this kind of activity.


Ahsan Alhamzawi

Managing transaction costs as a factor in the sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas of the Republic of Iraq. P. 4348

Summary: The main approaches to the management of transaction costs in agricultural production and in measures aimed at ensuring the sustainable development of rural areas of the Republic of Iraq. Determine the list of approaches to identify transaction costs and transaction costs of management tools at the macro, meso and micro-level.

Formulate a list directions of reducing transaction costs, taking into account the characteristics of rural areas in the Republic of Iraq.


Natallia Barkova

Status and trends of development of agro-tourism in the Grodno region. P. 4953

Summary: The article presents the analysis of the development of agro-tourism in the Grodno region. Defined the perspective directions of its development.


New editions in the fund of the Belarus agricultural library of I.S. Lupinovich (I. Fomina). P. 5460