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Rural economics

Alexander SHPAK, Alexander RUSAKOVICH

Organizational and economic model of forming, on an innovative basis, the material and technical base of agriculture. P. 3–12

The article presents the reasons constraining the innovative development of the agricultural producers. The directions of the development of innovation infrastructure entities in the agricultural sector, and in particular agricultural parks are examined. It is proposed to create them in the form of a partnership on a product basis. The composition of their units (management, production, research, marketing and education), the forms of interaction between themselves and the external environment are indicated. The definition of the agricultural information and consulting (advisory) system, the purpose of its functioning, the composition of the participants and the task activities are given.

Keywords: agriculture, material and technical base, firming, innovative infrastructure, agricultural park, implementation, information and consulting system.


Theoretical and methodological aspects of providing product-specific support measures in the context of deepening international economic integration. P13–21

The article presents the results of studies of the mechanism for the formation and implementation of government support policies for agricultural producers.

  • : agriculture, public policy, product specific support.


Risk minimization at the project development stage, method of analysis of competitiveness of machines and equipment in business plans of investment projects. P. 22–29

The article examines the risks, major miscalculations and shortcomings in the business plans of investment projects, offers a methodology for analyzing the competitiveness of industrial products “price-quality”, classifies indicators (parameters) for assessing competitiveness, presents a concrete example of the main stages of the analysis and makes the corresponding calculations.

Keywords: risk minimization, investment project business plan, flaws and miscalculations, competitiveness analysis, machinery and equipment, consumer parameters, economic parameters, parametric indices, an integral indicator of absolute competitiveness, an indicator of relative competitiveness.

Vladimir GRAKUN

Electronic trading platforms – an effective tool to increase the competitiveness of agribusiness organizations. P. 30–36

The article discusses the theoretical and methodological foundations of the creation and operation of electronic trading platforms. Their goals, objectives, functions and types are justified, taking into account the specialization of the activities of sellers and buyers, the features of the construction of organizational and information management systems. The practice of electronic trading platforms in the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union is studied. The author's scientific approach to increase the efficiency of the functioning of the agro-industrial complex based on the introduction of methods and strategies of electronic agribusiness is proposed.

Keywords: electronic trading platform, electronic business, competitiveness, organization, agriculture, efficiency.


Current trends in the development of the market of fruits and vegetables in foreign countries and the Republic of Belarus. P37–42


Key problems, status and features of livestock development in agricultural organizations of Belarus. P43–54

The article presents the results of studies of the state and internal characteristics of the functioning of livestock industries. The influence of the existing specialization, the level of intensification in the context of the efficient use of production resources is revealed, the key problems and directions for their resolution are identified.

Keywords: livestock industries, milk, intensification, specialization, factors, efficiency.


Economic efficiency of use of mulch in the technology of cultivation of sugar beet. P55–62

The article provides information on the effectiveness of the use of mulch in crops of sugar beet. Various methods of the main and pre-sowing preparation of the soil in the technology of mulching sowing and their influence on the productivity and economic indicators of the technology are evaluated.

Keywords: sugar beet, mulch, productivity, economic efficiency.

Foreign experience


Foreign experience in the formation of an effective model for the development of rural tourism. P. 63–69

The article substantiates the main components of the formation of rural tourism models in various countries (USA, European Union, CIS). The classification of guest houses by functional parameters and types of premises as the most common element of tourist infrastructure in the countryside is presented. The features of the construction and functioning of national systems of certification of tourism services are highlighted.

Keywords: tourism, rural tourism, guest house, certification, tourist service, model.