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Agrarian Economics, № 5, 2014


Rural economics


Vladimir Gusakov

Some fundamental questions of the current and long-term development of Agroindustrial complex. P. 29


Ekaterina Ivanovich

Improvement in the assessment of the agricultural crediting effectiveness. P. 1014

Summary: In this article the basic method of estimating the efficiency crediting and main directions of improving the evaluation of the effectiveness of crediting of agricultural organizations.


Nikolaj Bychkov, Valerij Metlitskij

Shares circulation of economic companies (to the question of enterprise corporatization of Agroindastrial Complex). P. 1527

Summary: The article analyses the stock market state of economic companies of Agroindastrial Complex and gives recommendations for its improvement.



Mikhail Antonenka, Olga Pashkevich, Victoryia Lioukina

Tendencies and contradictions formation level wage workers of agricultural organizations. P. 2837

Summary: The article presents the results of investigations of the processes of agricultural workers wages formation, its tendencies and contradictions. Identified contradictions hinder the staff activities, the growth of labour productivity, efficiency, discourages workers and specialists. Therefore, labour collectives have a weak economic interest in improving the use of material and labour resources, technology, production and labour discipline, reducing the cost of production.



Elena Garus

Evaluating the effectiveness of the system to achieve the quality of food products. P. 3843

Summary: The paper proposes a model of calculation and determination of the coefficient of efficiency of development and evaluation of the system to achieve the quality of food.


Problems of branches of Agroindustrial Complex


Liudmila Kuzmich

Forecast of the sugar market development of Belarus. P. 4450

Summary: This article describes the calculation methodology of multivariate forecast scenarios of prospective development of the sugar market of Belarus taking into account possible economic conditions of its functioning through the use of the balance method. Determining role in the calculations is given to consumer demand. Qualitative modeling of it allows to forecast accurately the potential volume of the domestic use of the product and the export potential of the industry.


Foreign experience


Dan Odoko, Valery Yanchevskii

World experience formation of national system of food security. P.5158

Summary: In article questions of ensuring food security at national and international levels are considered. The difficulties arising in the course of the solution of a food problem are described. Results of the analysis of level of food security of various countries of the world are presented. Conditions of creation of national systems of food security are considered.



Andrey Cheplyansky

State support of the income of agricultural producers in economically developed countries. P. 5963

Summary: The paper considers current characteristics, structure and development of state income support of agricultural producers in developed countries.


Rural infrastructure development


Larisa Korbut, Kiryl Sobal

Creating a favorable institutional environment agrotourism a key factor in its development. P. 6472

Summary: In the article discusses the importance of the institutional environment for the success of the agrotourism subjects. The basic institutional problems affecting the dynamic development of agrotourism are stated. The recommendations for the further development of the institutional environment of agrotourism in the Republic of Belarus are given.