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Dzmitry Mesnik

Potential development of industry and agriculture. P 29

Summary: A prerequisite for sustainable economic development of Belarus is the promotion of social inclusion with a transition to a more ecologically oriented transformation of the economy.


Darya Hlushakova

The impact of tariff and non-tariff regulation of foreign trade on the diversification of exports of agri-food products of Belarus. P 1018

Summary: The article presents the conditions for access to the markets of third countries of the Belarusian agri-food products. The analysis of the mechanisms of regulation of foreign economic activity is presented. The main barriers to the access of domestic products to the markets of importing countries are identified. The influence of tariff and non-tariff regulation on the diversification of exports of agri-food products in Belarus has been determined.


Nadezda Radchenko, Alena Sakalouskaya

The current state and development prospects of the organic agriculture in the Republic of Belarus. P 1926

Summary: On the basis of the identified trends and key problems of the organic production the proposals for the use of the potential of the Republic of Belarus for the organization of this activity, taking into account the best foreign experience are made in the article, the conclusions about the reasonableness of state support for the organic production in the country are developed, the experience of state support for the development of the organic agriculture in European countries is described.


Sergey Bystry

Directions for improving the sustainability of the functioning of the market for breeding cattle in the Republic of Belarus. P 2735

Summary: The article examines and analyzes the development trends of the world livestock market, and also describes the current organizational and economic mechanism of the breeding livestock market in the Republic of Belarus, on the basis of which the main directions of its development, constraints and ways to overcome them are highlighted.


Aleksandr Gorbatovski, Oksana Gorbatovskaya

Balanced development of livestock and feed industries: principles, indicators, a set of measures and directions. P 3647

Summary: The paper proposed a set of measures and directions of the balanced development of cattle breeding and fodder production to ensure effective interaction and stable functioning of industries based on the use of natural and resource, production and human potentials, the realization of competitive advantages and strategy of advancing the development of regional specialization, investment and innovation. The proposed model of assessment of balanced development of the established indicators and indicators of the efficiency of industries will determine the direction of improving the efficiency of production and economic potential of the regions.


Alexander Golovach

Some aspects of cultivation intensification of corn on grain. P 4855


Yurii Lupenko

Eurointegration Directions for the Development of the Agrarian Sector of the Ukrainian Economy. P 5664

Summary: The main directions for the development of the agrarian sector of the Ukrainian economy have been substantiated in the article, based on the propspects for the entry into force of the Assosiation Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. Gradual creation of free trading zone is foreseen by the Agreement, which is stipulated the activization of export of domestic agrarian and food production in the countries of European Union.

The advantages and disadvantages of positions of ukrainian agricultural goods on the European Union markets was analyzed, the mechanizm of tariff quoting, which applies to most of the export-oriented products, was considered, the set of measures for adaptation of sertification and quality of agrarian products to the system of technical regulation of European Union have been grounded.


Tatiana Zaprudskaya, Olha Korobkina

Analysis of factors and perspective directions of development of agro-ecotourism in the Republic of Belarus based on a SWOT-analysis. P 6570

Summary: In the process of conducting external and internal analysis of the industry, the strengths and weaknesses of agro-ecotourism were assessed. The study of the possibilities and threats of the internal and external environment of the considered sphere allowed us to determine the prospects for its further development and growth.


New editions in the fund of the Belarus agricultural library of I. S. Lupinovich (I. Fomina). P 7172