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Fadej Suboch

Methodological approaches to the balanced development of competitively cluster-forming platforms of healthy nutrition technologies in the aspect of innovation economics. P. 224


Katsiaryna Makutsenia

Development of foreign trade in agricultural products of Belarus and evaluation of its effectiveness. P. 2532

Summary: The article presents a comprehensive analysis of trends in the development of foreign trade of agricultural raw materials, products and foodstuffs in Belarus, including changes in the structure of exports and imports of major products, the dynamics of foreign trade in types of products in physical and monetary terms. The effectiveness of the implementation of certain types of meat and dairy products by the enterprises of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus, both to the domestic market and to the external market, was evaluated.


Ivan Kolesnеv

Recommendations for the establishment of a specialized institute to support the export-oriented production of the food industry in Republic of Belarus. P. 3339

Summary: The article proposes targeted measures and instruments to stimulate the export of food industry enterprises (based on foreign experience), and also substantiated proposals for creating an association (in the form of a non-profit industry organization) of food exporters focused on strengthening export incentives in the Belarusian food industry.


Nikoly Bychkov, Valery Miatlitski, Natalia Mokhnacheva

State and ways to improve the reform of unprofitable, insolvent agricultural organizations. P. 4046

Summary: The process of financial improvement of agricultural organizations has a long-term nature and the mechanism of economic insolvency (bankruptcy) of agricultural organizations established by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus implies its improvement.

The article discusses the directions of improving the reform of unprofitable, insolvent agricultural organizations in the context of the Decrees of the President of the Republic of Belarus of July 4, 2016 № 253 On measures for financial recovery of agricultural organizations and of October 2, 2018 № 399 On financial recovery of agricultural organizations.


Alexander Gaidukov

Assessment of the potential of personal subsidiary farms of the Goretsky district of the Mogilev region. P. 4752

Summary: The study was conducted according to the data of 9 village councils of the Goretsky district of the Mogilev region. In the course of selective non-continuous questioning, certain patterns of use of land resources and livestock of animals in the economic activities of personal properties of citizens are established. As a result of the study, it was established that the rural residents of the Gorki district rather actively carry out personal subsidiary farming. The most actively engaged in the production of both crop production and livestock families of the age group 46-55 years. 10,3% of respondents expressed a desire to create a peasant (farm) farm on the basis of personal subsidiary farming. Most of them are owners of households from 36 to 45 years old. This should be used in the future to realize the interests of rural residents in the development of economic activity on a commercial basis.


Halina Rudchenko, Mikhail Zapolski

Regional structural and functional model of energy saving in agroindustrial complex organizations based on the use of decentralized energy sources. P. 5359

Summary: The article presents a regional structural and functional model of energy saving in agricultural organizations using decentralized energy sources. The development proposed by the authors allows to display the multilevel nature of the construction and implementation of the energy saving process, to establish the relationship and interaction of the external and internal levels of the process, to determine their composition and specificity, as well as to establish key criteria for assessing the state of the system at the internal and external level. The model presented by the authors develops the existing theoretical provisions to ensure the effective use of fuel and energy resources in agricultural organizations and can be used by economic entities and regional authorities in order to make informed decisions in the implementation of energy-saving policy in the agricultural sector.


Salima Mizanbekova, Gulmira Nurmanbekova, Ilyas Mizanbekov

A role of feed base and mixed fodder industry is in organization of industrial livestock of Kazakhstan. P. 6067

Summary: The issues of organization of the feed base and the feed mill industry for the recovery of industrial animal husbandry in the country are considered. The production of mixed feeds in foreign countries, the activity of compound feed companies and societies, the development and improvement of recipes for poultry and livestock farms are covered. For Kazakhstan, the increase in livestock production is one of the tasks, and the main condition for its implementation is the organization of industrial animal husbandry, associated with the strengthening of the feed base and the effective development of the feed industry.


New editions in the fund of the Belarus agricultural library of I. S. Lupinovich (I. Fomina). P. 6872