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Rural economics


Justification of the need for state support measures for agricultural producers of Belarus. P3–19

The article presents the results of studies of factors determining the need for state support to agricultural producers of the Republic of Belarus.

Keywords: agriculture, state support, the need to maintain profitability.


Prospects for development and features of the associative concept in the construction of the latest transpositional structures, including clusters. P. 20–40

Svetlana MAKRAK

Economy digitalization as a stage of implementation of smart-system of material resources management. P41–51

The development of a highly developed information system involves the development of effective methods and mechanisms for the introduction of the digital economy into the Agroindustrial Complex. This article proposes the scientific basis for the development of a phased transition of agricultural organizations to digital style in the context of the creation of an effective system of material resources management. Developments include: the author 's definition of the economic category "agrarian economy digitalization" (in the narrow sense of this concept); a model of interaction of information flows on consumption of material resources, including a scheme of systematization and synchronization of information flows; an algorithm for classifying information by structured data sets for agriculture; a mechanism for the establishment of three databases on the use of material resources, in particular database on the end-to-end accounting of material resources and agricultural products.

Keywords: digital economy, material resources, agricultural economy, management, databases of information data in agriculture.

Problems of Agroindustrial Complex industries


Scientific prerequisites for the brewing market formation and effective functioning taking into account beer brands consumer awareness. P52–62

The article presents the results of brewing products consumers marketing research in the Republic of Belarus in relation to knowledge to beer brands. The results of the research identify the most important beer characteristics from the consumers’ point of view, and also formulate the main recommendations for beer manufacturers. Thus, it was found that a high level of brand awareness does not guarantee the obligatory product sales profitability. Additionally, some well-known brands could not gain a high reputation, so buyers are not inclined to choose them for purchase. Therefore, manufacturers must identify such brands and either “heal” them or get rid of them. Those brands that demonstrate a high level of knowledge and customer loyalty, in contrast, should be supported. Along with this, the most popular brands of brewing products among consumers are identified and the options that consumers would prefer if they are not on sale. Important from the point of view of buyers revealed brewing products characteristics should be taken into account by manufacturers when forming the assortment policy of enterprises.

Keywords: monitoring, beer, brand, consumers, market.

Foreign experience


Food security as an important factor of socio-economic development of the country. P63–72

The article considers food security issues as a priority problem in the national security system. The state and effectiveness of the country's agricultural sector have a decisive influence on food security and living standards. A condition for ensuring the country's food security is a high level of development of the national economy, which determines the conditions for the operation of the agroindustrial complex, as well as the prospects for its profitable and large-scale export of both agricultural raw materials and food products.

Keywords: food security, agriculture, measures, conditions, factors, mechanism, support, government regulation, potential, market, trade, strategy.