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Rural economics

Alexander Shpak, Nikolai Bychkov, Yury Sialiukou

Improving management mechanism Belarusian agriculture. P. 27

Summary: This article discusses the main directions of prospective institutional and economic improvements of the AIC.


Aliaksei Karpenko

Needs of the population of Belarus in food and energy. P. 813

Summary: The article estimates the internal needs of Belarus in nutrition on the basis of total population and scientifically determined norms of nutriment for different age groups of the population. The results of the research permit to establish the needs of all the population of Belarus in animal food and vegetables which can be advisable to take into consideration when planning the production and import-export deals.


Boris Shundalov

Improvement of recalculation methodology of physical tractors into standard reference units. P. 1418

Summary: The need for revision of functioning methodology is grounded in the article. It is stressed that the functioning of the current methodology of recalculating physical tractors into standard units has gone out of date for the past 40 years and wants updating. It is pointed out to the main reasons and results of qualitative and quantitative modification of the tractors fleet in agricultural and auxiliary spheres within the agro-industrial complex of Belarus. A simplified method of defining temporal coefficients for recalculating modern physical tractors into standard reference units is suggested. The coefficients of recalculation for modern models of homemade and imported tractors are presented in the table.


Problems of branches of Agroindustrial Complex

Leonid Kukresh, Pyotr Kazakevich

New forms need of the organization for flax-growing branch of Belarus. P. 1925


Natalya Korolevich, Igor Oganezov, Ivan Hurhenidze

Increase of efficiency and safety of power supply of rural territories of Republic of Belarus. P. 2633

Summary: In the article the main ways to improve the efficiency and security of energy supply of rural settlements of the Republic of Belarus with the use of local fuels, taking into account the advanced foreign and home experience. Special attention is drawn to the prospect of increased use in rural areas of non-traditional energy resources, in particular energy from hydro - and wind energy resources. In conclusion there ave specified the most important reaso nable activies to be implemented in rural areas to improve the efficiency of supply of electricity and thermal energy.


Siarhei Asnovin, Larisa Asnovina, Mariya Nazarova, Olga Evdokimovich, Victor Asnovin

Improvement of the technology used in the blank ensilage horizontal storehouses. P. 3438

Summary: The improved technology that will minimize the impact to the safe threshold factors adversely affects the quality of ensilage, prepared in horizontal storehouses on traditional technology.


Yulia Kovalenko

Fundamentals and especially economic hunting management in the Republic of Belarus. P. 3944

Summary: In accordance with the national strategy of social and economic development of the Republic of Belarus in 2025, the development of conservation and hunting grounds, as the unity of this activity is one of the government priorities.

For the development of the regulatory framework hunting in Belarus there are a number of legal acts regulating this activity, in the last couple of years, they were accepted by a large amount. All this shows how the relevance of the issue hunting, and to the fact that Belarus is in line with the global trends of environmental activities.


Foreign experience

Henry Amaegberi

Development of small and medium-sized businesses as a factor of reforming the standard of rural areas economy in Nigeria. P. 4551

Summary: This paper provides information about the status of micro, small and medium enterprises in Nigeria. Defined the economic potential of these enterprises and the main difficulties and challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Practical recommendations for the structural improvement of the mentioned enterprises to increase their contribution to the country's GDP, ensure stable development of the national economy and welfare of the population.


Anatoly Razin, Sviаtlana Makrak, Oleg Razin

State and competitiveness of vegetable production in the Russian Federation in connection with accession to WTO. P. 5257

Summary: The article examines trends in the industry vegetable growing in the Russian Federation in connection with a change in the economic and legal aspects of the regulation of agriculture to the WTO.


Tatsiana Filiukova

European Law Main Documents for Vegetables and Fruits. P. 5859



Economic journalism

Gennadij Lych

Scientific ethics: rudiment or perpetual motionscience? P. 6068


Reference information

New editions in the fund of the Belarus agricultural library of I.S. Lupinovich (I. Fomina). P. 6972