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Agrarian Economics, № 3, 2015



Vladimir Gusakov, Alexsandr Shpak, Zinaida Ilyina, Natallia Kireyenka, Lidziya Baihot, Iryna Kazakevich, Petr Rastorgouev, Iryna Pashtovaya, Liudmila Labanava

Belarus and Russia: problems and prospects of development of integration processes in the agriculture

Summary: The paper studied the problems and prospects of development of integration processes in the Union State of the agroindustrial complex. Features of national food security of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation are revealed. Directions of state support for agriculture in Belarus and Russia, taking into account the requirements of the World Trade Organization, are founded. Prospects for the development of foreign trade of agricultural raw materials and food of the Union State are identified. Improving the quality and competitiveness of agriculture and processing industries are considered.


Nikolaj Bychkov

New in the development of holding companies

Summary: The article describes the new controls operation of holding companies in the areas of property relations, Finance, tax, shares, financial incentives management companies.


Ivan Vorobyev, Elena Sidorova

Formation of an effective economic environment of different levels of economic entities

Summary: In this article, the authors raise the urgent question formation of an effective economic environment of different levels of economic entities.


Mikhail Antonenko, Olga Pashkevich, Victoryia Lovkina

Employment in agriculture: trends, problems and solutions

Summary: The article presents the results of investigations of the notion and essence of the employment as a social and economic category and an object of economic investigations, the analysis of processes of the government regulation of labour and employment in agriculture.


Liudmila Kuzmich

Efficiency assessment of foreign-economic activity in the sugar market of Belarus

Summary: This article describes the results of the assessment of export and import flows in the market of Belarus using complex indicators, the place of the republic in the world sugar market is determined, the characteristic periods of the formation of the national sugar market based on the criteria of diversification of foreign-economic activity are identified.


Sergei Kosyanenko

Current State and Prospects for the Development of Poultry Breeding in Belarus

Summary: The article characterizes the current state and prospects for the development of poultry breeding in Belarus. The results of the work of the best egg and poultry processing plants, and also performance indicators of the poultry of domestic breeding are presented.


Dmitriy Shpak

Foreign experience of standard and legal regulation of investment activity in agro-industrial complex

Summary: Experience of regulation, including legislative, investment activity in the states of Western Europe, the USA, the Republic of Korea, and also the Russian Federation is analysed and generalized.


Kiryl Sobal

Valorization of rural tourism in socio-economic development of the region

Summary: In the article definitions of main types of tourism are differentiated and the authors definition of rural tourism is given. The effects of rural tourism development depending on their type and level of determination are revealed. Functions of rural tourism in different country models are represented. Competitiveness factors of agroecotourist offers of the region are estimated.


New editions in the fund of the Belarus agricultural library of I.S. Lupinovich (I. Fomina).