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Aliaksandr Shpak, Lidziya Baihot, Vasilina Akhramovich, Natallia Karpovich, Katsiaryna Makutsenia

Efficiency and perspectives of the foreign trade in agricultural products and food of Belarus. P. 28

Summary: The article deals with the issues of the development of foreign trade in agri-food products of Belarus in the regional and international integration. Analysis and assessment of the export efficiency in the context of world trade in food growth are carried out. The reasonability of the agrarian export with considering of the imported costs for agri-food production is founded.


Fadej Suboch

Technological density of cluster institutional space of food system of the Euroasian economic union. P. 924


Yuliya Rybalko

The methodical principles of assessment of the effective functioning of the food companies. P. 2530

Summary: The factors of effective functioning of integration interaction in the agrofood sector are consider. It provides a methodology for evaluating the perfomance of manufacturing companies.


Nikolaj Bychkov, Tatiana Lenskaya

Methodical aspects of financial position and procedure application of economic insolvency failure of agricultural organizations. С. 3139

Summary: The article presents the financial results of the insolvent agricultural organizations of Belarus. Analyzed the legal framework for the ban ruptcy of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The features of the procedures of economic insolvency (bankruptcy), agricultural organizations and methodical approach for assessing the financial condition of the debtor, who vaeth we establish conditions for restructuring of debts of agricultural goods producers.


Sergii Vynohradenko

The essence, the principles and problems of intensification of use of land resources in the agricultural enterprises. P. 4046

Summary: The article described the essence, principles and problems of intensification of use of land resources. Are shown components of intensification of use of land resources in agricultural enterprises tangible, resultative and economic efficiency. On the specific example of the agricultural enterprises of various organizational and legal forms, sizes and directions of specialization Chuguev district Kharkiv region disclosed a system of indicators, which discloses these components.


Akhsan Alhamzawi

On the issue of formation of a strategy for sustainable development of rural areas in the Republic of Iraq. P. 4754

Summary: The main approaches to the development of a strategy for sustainable development of rural areas of Iraq based on the experience of advanced countries and the global trends of sustainable development. The stages of formation and implementation of sustainable development strategies and especially the implementation of those strategies for rural areas of the Republic of Iraq.




New editions in the fund of the Belarus agricultural library of I.S. Lupinovich (I. Fomina). P. 5557