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Rural economics

Natallia Kireyenko. Irina Nikitina, Lyudmila Verokha, Alexsey Bartosh

Development of the regional food markets in Belarus in the context of the marketing system improvement. P. 217

Summary: In the article the estimation of level of organization of the sale system is conducted in the agrofood sphere of Republic of Belarus. The problems of realization of agricultural produce are considered. Directions of perfection of sale activity are educed. Progress of regional food markets trends are certain.


Zinaida Ilyina, Sviatlana Kondratenko

System of information support innovative activity in the national market of the food. P. 1828

Summary: Results of development of the automated system of information support of innovative activity in the national market of agricultural raw materials and the food, including the purpose, problems of creation, organizational model with definition of functions of subjects, algorithm of performance of monitoring of stability, structure and the directions of development of a database of scientific and technical information are presented. The special attention is paid to methodical ensuring monitoring of stability national and local food systems with use of the regions of the republic of techniques adapted for social and economic conditions. Initial indicators, it is offered to enter by means of special forms from the automated remote workplaces correspondents on data collection in regions.

During research the database of essentially new scientific and technical information is created, including: results of monitoring of stability of the food market, methodical development of ensuring innovative development of subjects, analytical information on change of an environment of the world markets and their influence on food independence of the republic. Actual information can be provided to state bodies and natural persons by means of remote network access.


Fadej Suboch, Sergej Poznyak

Increase of market cost, investment attractiveness and competitiveness of the enterprise as a result of steady interaction of its institutional fields. P. 2941



Problems of branches of Agroindustrial Complex

Andrej Pilipuk, Liudmila Lopatnuk

The analysis of efficiency of use of processing equipment the by flax processing enterprises of Belarus taking into account quality overworked linen trusts, utilization of capacities, standard parameters of an exit of a long flax fiber, increase efficiency of use of a manpower. P. 4247

Summary: In article the detailed analysis of efficiency of use of processing equipment by the flax processing enterprises of Belarus taking into account quality processed flax trust, utilization of capacities, standard parameters of an exit of a long flax fiber, increase efficiency of use labor during which considerable reserves of increase, both volumes of processing of a flax fiber, and its quality are revealed is carried out.


Foreign experience

Viktor Sushko

Research of the development of marketing strategies dairy transnational corporations. P.4862

Summary: The article considers the methods of activity of the largest transnational corporations engaged in the production of dairy products. Research of their organizational, distribution, trade, marketing, logistic, administrative, scientific and research strategies. It is established that dairy TNCs are aggressive development strategy, providing for the use of own scientific developments for innovative development, the implementation of mergers and acquisitions, establishment of new industries in the emerging markets of China, Brazil, Mexico, countries of the CIS and ASEAN, as well as African countries.

When reaching dairy TNK certain level of development of the data structure from the diversification of moving to a concentration on 35 of the most important directions of business. This allows them to keep and expand their market shares.

Creation of a global food companies may strengthen the position of domestic producers of food and increase the efficiency of their activities on the international food markets.


Olga Kozak, Inna Bezhenar

The main trends and perspectives of sheep industry development in Ukraine. P. 6372

Summary: The article reviews the main trends of sheep industry, particularly the dynamics of livestock, production of major products, selling. The key ways of sheep industry development are grounded.