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Alexsandr Shpak, Natallia Kireyenka, Iryna Kazakevich, Alla Teterkina, Vitali Chabatul, Aliaksandr Gorbatovski, Yaroslav Brechko, Lyudmila Danilova

AIC of Belarus: the main problems and their solutions. P. 220

Summary: The article presents the results of a system analysis of the financial, economic and production status of AIC of Belarus. Substantiates the main reasons for the fall of sustainable solvency and efficiency of the agricultural organizations. Propose priority measures to improve the current situation in the country's agriculture.



Ivan Vorobyeu, Elena Sidorova

The components of the food market in Belarus. P. 2123


Olga Pashkevich, Tatiana Titulenko

Promotion of women's entrepreneurship in rural areas (on the results of a workshop held on the 12 December 2015 Vilejka, Belarus) . P. 2428

Summary: The main results of the workshop on Strengthening national capacity in the promotion of women's entrepreneurship in rural areas based on the foreign experience study under the 20142015 UNESCO Participation Programme are presented. National and foreign scientific and practical methods on gender issues in the rural areas, the agricultural markets development are considered.


Eleanora Khorobrikh, Ann Lytvynchuk

Influence of trade and economic relations Latvia and Belarus for their sustainable development. P. 2935

Summary: The article defines the essence of the concept of promotion system of goods to foreign markets, highlighted its main elements (tangible and intangible), the main principles of a sustainable system, external and internal conditions of existence. The analysis of the main macroeconomic indicators of the Republic of Latvia for the period 20082013 years, trade and economic relations between Belarus and Latvia and recommendations on long-term development of trade and economic relations of the countries analyzed, which can be taken into account when developing long-term plans for sustainable development of States and their mutual cooperation.


Tatiana Zaprudskaya, Svetlana Komleva, Vitali Herdziy

Planning as an essential element of the mechanism of state regulation of land relations. P. 3641

Summary: The article describes the basic component of land administration as an important element of mechanism of state regulation of land relations, given suggestions for improvement of the organization of rational use and protection of land in the republic.


Sviatlana Rabava

Regulatory role of the state in the implementation of energy saving policy in the Republic of Belarus. P. 4247

Summary: In this article the role of public administration in the implementation of energy saving policy of the state. To this end, we analyze the energy efficiency programmers and key activities. Describes the main types of natural resources used as fuel. Analyzed performance of planned targets on using local fuels. Analyzed the implementation of program on energy-efficient housing construction in the Republic of Belarus. The proposals for stimulating demand for energy efficient housing. The article considers foreign experience of standardization of 'green' building. Identified areas for further improvement of state regulation in the sphere of energy saving. Set of energy saving measures to reduce energy intensity of GDP.


Liudmila Lazutina

Improving the financial support of rural development in Ukraine. P. 4851

Summary: It reviewed the demographic situation in rural areas of Ukraine, the state of the social sphere. Factors that affect the funding resources of local authorities. Methodological approaches to the problem of the definition of strategies and ways to develop financial support of the social sphere of rural areas.


New editions in the fund of the Belarus agricultural library of I.S. Lupinovich (I. Fomina). P. 52