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Stanislau Buben

The export potential of agriculture of the Eurasian Economic Union: the way forward. P. 27

Summary: The article presents the analysis of external trade of member States of the EAEU on the commodity and geographical focus. The main directions of the development of EAEU export potential are the increasing of self-sufficiency in food through the of import-substitute in member States, as well as the penetration to third countries and increase of the export of agricultural goods with high added value.


Andrei Pilipuk, Egor Gusakov, Fadej Suboch

Formation of the EAEU food system institutional cluster platforms. P. 817

Summary: The article describes the content of the system of cluster-forming branch, which is oriented at innovation, a systematic update of products, an increase of competitiveness, and which puts forward specific claims on the organization of business processes in the branch, and on generation of innovations in the healthy nutrition production process.


Iryna Kazakevich, Alesia Vasiuk

Justification disconnected size of payments under agriculture Belarus. P. 1825

Summary: This article describes the case for the size of payments to unrelated in terms of agriculture of Belarus. Calculated the size of payments per hectare in the established reference period. Defined economic impact under 2015, which can be achieved in the implementation of the calculated size of decoupled support.


Svietlana Makrak

Features of the system analysis of material intensity of agricultural production and the practical use of the results. P. 2638

Summary: The article presents the results of a comprehensive and systematic analysis of cost, cost-natural, natural, natural and cost parameters material capacity of Agriculture and certain types of products, recommendations for the practical use of each of these indicators to improve the efficiency of agriculture, proposed layout of the form of the annual report The movement of material resources in relation to the crop sector.


Anastasiya Kryvetskaya

Using the cluster approach to ensure sustainable development of the region (on the example of Brest region). P. 3943

Summary: In the article on the example of the Brest region the possibility of using the cluster approach to address the issues of optimization of indicators of sustainable development in the region. The focus is on three aspects of the region's sustainable development economic, social and environmental.


Heorhi Kolasau

Factors and criteria of economic efficiency of use of arable land. P. 4449

Summary: In the article the factors and criteria of economic efficiency of use of arable land on the basis of which justified a new methodological approach to its definition and the indicators necessary for calculations.


Leonid Davydenko, Ivan Damashevich

Formation of the concept of viticulture industry development in the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Belarus. P. 5057

Summary: The article under consideration deals with the research of the concept of viticulture industry development in the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Belarus and its results. A systems approach to the main factors showing the conceptual reasonability of the cost-effective country's viticulture development has been considered. Suggestions of institutional changes based on principles of the landscape-adaptive farming have been developed in order to improve the conditions of the industry in the farms and in large commodity agricultural enterprises (agrocomplexes).


New editions in the fund of the Belarus agricultural library of I.S. Lupinovich (I. Fomina). P. 5860