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Nikolai Bychkov, Igor Khaletski, Maria Neskrebina

Determination of financial sustainability of agro-industrial organizations applying for inclusion in the register of authorized economic operators of the EAEU. P. 210

Summary: The article deals with methodological aspects of determining the financial stability of legal entities, to pretend to the inclusion in the register of economic operators in accordance with the Treaty on the Customs code of the Eurasian economic Union.


Fadej Suboch

The competitiveness of cluster-forming platforms of functionally new subcomplexes of the agro-food system in the aspect of instruments of the digital economy. P. 1127


Andrei Pilipuk

System analysis of world practice of competitive functioning of food industry enterprises. P. 2838

Summary: The system analysis of the world practice of competitive functioning of food industry enterprises is made in the framework of which the key features of the industry development, current trends, conditions and factors of strategic impact, the tools used in the world practice to improve the efficiency of the mechanism of competitive operation of food industry enterprises. This allowed us to formulate targets for the development of food industry enterprises in the areas of assessing the impact of nutrition on health, finding sources of reducing the cost of healthy eating, developing and implementing national programs for promoting a balanced diet, and others.


Ivan Vorobyov, Elena Sidorova

Problems of sustainable development of agriculture and forestry in Belarus. P. 3941


Vasilina Lipskaya

State of the Art and Optimal Structure of the Park of Grain Harvesters in Republic of Belarus in Short-Term Prospect. P. 4248

Summary: In the article, system analysis of areas under cereal and leguminous crops is carried out, their crop capacity and gross yield in the Republic of Belarus. The composition and structure of the park of grain harvesters are assessed, and on this basis the short-term forecast of development is worked out for providing efficient exploitation.


Victor Sushko

The analysis of a conjuncture of the food market of Russia. P. 4965

Summary: The article analyzes the conjuncture of the Russian food market. The study includes the following elements of the market analysis: the characteristics of the development stages of the food sector of the Russian economy, the analysis of the impact of macroeconomic factors on the food market development, the comparison of the food price dynamics in Russian rubles and dollars, the analysis of the targets of the state program for ensuring food security, detailed analysis of segments food market of Russia. The main attention is paid to the segments, the most important for Belarusian exporters of agricultural products and food: dairy, meat, sugar and potato. The factors of growth in production and reduction of food imports in 20112017, as well as factors restraining the growth of production, were identified in the work. The author analyzed the level and structure of prices for agricultural products, analyzed the selling prices of processing enterprises, analyzed retail prices for food, and studied the peculiarities of price differentiation across the regions of Russia. The role and behavior strategies of large food TNCs and holdings during the short-term business cycle are analyzed: growth decline growth of the Russian economy.


Gennady Ganush, Anna Chirich

Typology of agrotowns on attractiveness for population life. P. 6672

Summary: In the article differences in development of agrotowns as new types of rural settlements are considered, criteria for agrotowns attractiveness for life of population are offered. Using the combinatorial method the types and groups of agrotowns attractiveness are identified.