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Agrarian Economics, № 12, 2014




Best wishes to readers for the New Year 2015 (V. Gusakov). P. 2


Rural economics



Yury Sialiukou, Vitali Chabatul

Methodology of economic assessment of investment projects and its improvement in agriculture of the Republic of Belarus. P. 314

Summary: Investigated the economic sense of the static and dynamic indicators of efficiency of investment projects, the order of calculation, criteria for a positive decision on each indicator, advantages and disadvantages of the latter. Set out proposals to improve the methodology of economic evaluation of investment projects in the domestic agricultural sector.


Sergey Klimin

Methodological tools for assessing the level of diversification of the rural business. P. 1520

Summary: The article presents the indicators applicable to assess the level of diversification of rural business.


Svetlana Grudko

Assessment of potential value of labor in the formation and use. P. 2126

Summary: The technique of adjusting the labor potential of the example of agricultural organizations of the Grodno region. The formulas for calculating the coefficients of formation and use of labor potential and its main components. Determined that for the formation of labor potential assessment should take into account the level of education, age, training, health. The main factors influencing the use of labor potential, are: the use of one-time employee, the number of employees working age, worker productivity and efficiency of payroll.


Siargei Mikhnevich

Some trends in the world trade in genetically modified agricultural products. P. 2731


Problems of branches of Agroindustrial Complex


Oleg Apresian, Leonid Bulavin, Aleksandr Lensky

Efficiency of different technologies of winter rape cultivation. P. 3239

Summary: The research results on the study of the economic efficiency of preceding crop straw used as a fertilizer for winter rape, different methods of basic soil cultivation and increasing doses of nitrogen fertilizers are presented in the paper. It has been established that the highest economic effect is provided by the technology with chiseling and nitrogen application in the dose of N100 + 100 when removing the preceding barley straw, when the straw is used as a fertilizer, ploughing with the same nitrogen dose is the most effective technology. Disking for winter rape was not as effective as ploughing and chiseling were.


Foreign experience


Anatoliy Kucher, Lesya Kucher

Economic evaluation of innovative technologies in crop production in the environmentally sound development of the regions of Ukraine. P. 4045

Summary: The economic evaluation of innovative technologies in crop production in the environmentally sound development of the regions of Ukraine is carried in the article. Based on the calculations it was found that the minimum technology of winter wheat growing was less cost-effective than traditional, while the use of the no-till technology is more effective than traditional: cost savings from using foreign equipment are 353 UAH/ha, and using national equipment 599 UAH/ha, that throughout the country could provide additional economic benefit in the amount of 706 million UAH and 1198 million UAH, respectively.


Ivan Vlasenko

Theoretical aspects of improvement of agrarian land use in Ukraine. P. 4651

Summary: In article researches of theoretical aspects of improvement of land use are given in Ukraine in modern conditions of managing. Researches showed that earth privatization as object of managing, in itself doesn't provide effective business on the earth, preservation of its fertility. For this purpose it is necessary to create favorable macroeconomic conditions under which the majority of farms can is profitable to do the business. It is thus shown that 79% of the income in agriculture gain in Ukraine due to natural fertility of the earth and only 21% as result of introduction of technologies. It is established that agrarian land use in Ukraine since 2006 it was reduced by 165,7 thousand hectares, from them during 2012 by 14,9 thousand hectares. The main objective on the present is a question of complex and effective use of land resources in national economy and their preservations for future generations.


I. Pustovit, V. Prilipko

Socio-ecologic assessment of rural settlements of the Central Polesye Region of the Ukraine and their territories. P. 5258

Summary: The methodology was worked out and calculated for determination of generalized integral eco-social index (GIESI) of rural settlements and their territories Tsentralnopoleskiy region of Ukraine.


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