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Best wishes to readers for the New Year 2016 (V. Gusakov). P. 2



Sergey Osnovin, Natalya Maltsevich, Victor Osnovin, Larisa Osnovina

Types of innovations and problem of their dynamic coherences in management. P. 38

Summary: The article discusses the main features of the type of innovation and the dynamics of their implementation, as in the practical management activities used generalized integrated characteristic of the dynamics of the innovation business entity, which allow in practice to get some idea of the intensity of innovation processes.



Anatoli Saiganov, Vasilina Lipskaya

The notion and economic essence of competitiveness of production and its relation to the mechanism of agricultural engineering enterprises. P. 918

Summary: The article gives a systematic analysis of the published definitions of categories of the competitiveness of products on the basis of which to formulate their own scientific definition of this concept as an economic category.

Consider the category of product competitiveness in relation to the concept of the mechanism. Formulate a scientific definition of the mechanism of competitiveness of combine harvesters and the scheme of operation of this mechanism.



Irina Kisel

Innovative technologies of management of taxes at the enterprise. P. 1924

Summary: Innovative management methods by the taxation of the enterprises in market conditions are considered. The accent becomes on basic principles of tax management and their use in practical activities of managing subjects on optimisation of tax payments in the budget. The system approach to management of taxes is presented as a complex of the coordinated actions of economic services of the enterprise in the field of economy and the organisation of manufacture with calculation of their tax consequences and measures of responsibility for unreasonable increase in tax loading.



Alesia Starchankava

Reserves to reduce the cost of milk as an indicator of an estimation of competitiveness of products. P. 2530

Summary: Reserves are considered to reduce the cost of milk. The analysis of its structure as an indicator of evaluating the competitiveness of products. The main factors influencing the changes in the cost of milk in different economic conditions, with the help of statistical groups and regression analysis.


Nadezhda Antipenko

Methodical Recommendation on Definition of Effectiveness of Intellectual Property Objects in Crop. P. 3135

Summary: With the transition of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus to a market economy the use of intellectual property takes a new meaning. Appears new sector of economy where the goods are presented as the rights for the intellectual activity of researchers and practitioners that is said to be intellectual property. Appears new opportunities to get profit from the use of products of intellectual labor rights.

One of problems of use of intellectual property is definition of economic essence of selection achievement and a way of its effective application. The offered technique allows to settle an invoice economic efficiency from introduction of a new hybrid in manufacture. It includes calculation of the additional net profit taking into account productivity, quality indicators, preproduction costs on introduction, expenses on gathering and a preprocessing and creation of a new grade.


Tatyana Naganova

The Immaterial Assets Particularities of Agro industrial Complex. P. 3642

Summary: The immaterial assets particularities of Agro industrial Complex as well as intellectual and industrial propertys objects of Agro industrial Complex has been considered with the system approach instruments.


Alexander Podolyak, Alexey Karpenko, Evgeney Smolsky

Efficiency of use of flood lands contaminated with 137Cs after the Chernobyl accident in the Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation. P. 4349

Summary: The major task which needs to be solved during work on rehabilitation of the agricultural grounds polluted by radionuclides is development of the processing methods providing production of environmentally friendly forages.

Researches on efficiency of systems of fertilizer against superficial and radical improvement carried out in the conditions of radioactive environmental pollution in Gomel and Bryansk areas. When developing processing methods of maintaining a meadow forage production in the conditions of radioactive pollution applied to three criteria agronomical expediency, economic efficiency and ecological safety. Revealed that use of mineral fertilizers in doses of N90P60K150 and N90P60K120 + K150 at radical improvement of inundated meadows most favourably as payback is received from 16,7 and 23,9 kg of hay on 1 kg, profitability of 56 and 52% respectively in Gomel and Bryansk areas. The greatest decrease in receipt 137Cs from the soil in production of a forage production was revealed, at application radical improvement with introduction of mineral fertilizers in doses of N90P60K150 and N90P60K120 + K150.


Victor Bosak

Agronomic and economic efficiency of organic fertilizers. P. 5055

Summary: In the article the role of organic fertilizers in formation of efficiency of agricultural crops, in preservation and in increase of soil fertility is shown, conditions of effective application of organic fertilizers in intensive agriculture are defined.


Igor Abramovich

Economic and energy efficiency elements of technology of cultivation of sugar beet. P. 5661

Summary: Given the economic and energy estimation of the influence of separate elements of the technology of sugar beet hybrids with different degree of resistance to the complex of pathogens.

The most justified economically and energy is the cultivation of hybrids Akhat and Solea, least hybrid Jarisa.

Application of advanced nitrogen feeding on the studied hybrids economically and energy impractical.

Introduction of microelements Polikom Beet in the foliar top dressing on the background N120, economically and energy inefficient. However, when using the feeding N30, hybrid Jarisa and Mandarin application of microelements economically feasible.

With economic and energy position application of fungicides justified on all types of hybrids.



New editions in the fund of the Belarus agricultural library of I.S. Lupinovich (I. Fomina). P. 6264


The materials published in magazine Agrarian economics in 2015. P. 6572