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Best wishes to readers for the New Year 2017 (V. Gusakov). P. 2


Andrei Pilipuk, Egor Gusakov, Fadej Suboch

Institutional cluster platforms of the Eurasian Economic Union food system. P. 315

Summary: The concept of an international scientific center of cluster organization of AIC triple institutional model of innovative growth can be realized through the triple helix, which implies sustainable innovation development of Belarus, provided by the integration of the three components of the model in the institutional chain of statesciencebusiness. At the same time microeconomic component of the conceptual model is implemented through business, macroeconomic, in combination with administrative sources represented by the state, and human capital through science.


Anatoli Takun, Andrei Efremov

The empirical approach to the definition of planned indexes in the agricultural sector by the data envelopment analysis. P. 1620

Summary: One of the most important problems of AIC of Belarus is maintaining quality of planning process on high level, in particular development of scientific based standards and plans for agricultural enterprises. In this article new approach to obtaining objective values of planning parameters is proposed. The advantages of this new approach in comparison with the traditional one are considered. An example of usage of data envelopment analysis method for agricultural enterprises of the Republic of Belarus is introduced.


Petr Rastorgouev

Conceptual approaches to improve product quality management of AIC in Belarus in the context of the food security. P. 2128

Summary: Implementation of measures to assurance the quality and safety of agricultural products is one of the priority directions of solving the food security problem in Belarus. The main problems, goals, objectives and risks in the field of product quality regulation in AIC in the context of food security as well as the target criteria for evaluating quality and safety level of food stocks in view of the functioning of the Eurasian Economic Union are developed and shown in article.


Yuliya Rybalko

The food retail and its role in increase in efficiency of the integration structures. P. 2934

Summary: The article presents different approaches to the definition and classification of network commercial structures. Identify the most perspective formats of food retail chains. The incentives and disincentives factors in their development.


Alexander Shpak, Natallia Kireyenko, Liudmila Verokha, Svetlana Mitskevich, Vladimir Talayko

The study of consumers of snack products on the basis of the marketing approach. P. 3542

Summary: The results of marketing research of consumers of snack products of the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan have been presented in this article. Factors that influence the purchasing behavior of consumers have been identified snacks. The main distribution channels for snack products have been analyzed.


Tatiana Zaprudskaya, Vitali Herdziy

The most important period of formation and the formation of land use (peasant) farms in the Republic of Belarus. P. 4352

Summary: The article analyzes the formation and development of land use of peasant (farmer) economy, highlighted 4 main stages of their formation, are presented further ways to improve the form of management.


New editions in the fund of the Belarus agricultural library of I.S. Lupinovich (I. Fomina). P. 5354


The materials published in magazine Agrarian economics in 2016. P. 5560