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Best wishes to readers for the New Year 2018. P. 2


Aliaksei Barel

Development of Agriculture Competitiveness Assessment Methods. P. 313

Summary: Increase of competitiveness and efficiency is one of the key tasks for rural economy under the conditions of constantly growing competition both at the market of Eurasian economic union and at the markets of the far abroad countries. In this regard there is a necessity to estimate competitiveness of agriculture and to analyze the factors of its formation. Different competitiveness assessment methods are considered and existing approaches to the agriculture competitiveness assessment are studied in the article. The methods of agriculture competitiveness assessment are developed based on the analysis fulfilled.


Uladzimir Matsukevich

Theoretic aspects of agricultural industry specialization in the current economic conditions. P. 1421

Summary: This article read about theoretic aspects of agricultural industry specialization in the current economic conditions.


Petr Rastorgouev, Aleksandr Kaziuchyts

Estimation of regulatory requirements for the quality and safety of belarusian dairy products in the context of export diversification. P. 2228

Summary: The increase in exports of agricultural products is one of the priorities of the State Program for the Development of Agrarian Business in the Republic of Belarus for 20162020. Its solution involves studying new markets, expanding the geography of exports of Belarusian agricultural products. The basic methods for estimation the possibility of the export such products from the point of view of compliance with regulatory requirements of a number of countries to the quality and safety indicators of products on the example of dairy products are reflected in this article. The strategic approaches to solving this problem in the conditions of functioning of the Eurasian Economic Union are developed


Oleg Kazakov

Constructing of an integrated profile of an enterprise of the greenhouse complex as a tool of strategic analysis of its energy efficiency. P. 2940

Summary: The issues of energy enterprises greenhouse complex of the Gomel region. The author describes a method of constructing an integrated profile of an enterprise of the greenhouse complex. The components of the integrated profile of the greenhouse enterprises productive potential, energy potential, ecological potential. The author provided indicators characterizing each of the potentials and the methods of their calculation and subsequent rating as well. The author provided as well a method for the graphical display of the integrated profile of the enterprise of the greenhouse complex. An example of the construction of the integrated profile of the enterprise of the greenhouse complex of the Gomel region has been given. Conclusions regarding the industrial, energy and ecology efficiency of the enterprise have been made.


Viktor Korko, Marina Chelombitko

The use of a pulsed electric field is a promising direction in nonthermal precessing of food products. P. 4147

Summary: The use of pulsed electric fields is one of the most promising non-thermal methods of processing food products. Inactivation of microorganisms exposed to high-voltage PEFs is related to the electromechanical instability of the cell membrane. Electric field strength and treatment time are the two most important factors involved in PEF processing.

The high initial cost of setting up the PEF processing system is the major obstacle confronting those who would encourage the systems industrial application. Innovative developments in high-voltage pulse technology will reduce the cost of pulse generation and will make PEF processing competitive with thermal-processing methods.


Alexej Pehota

About efficiency of lime application of peat-boggy soils. P. 4855

Summary: Data of limy fertilizers influence on efficiency of long-term cereal herbs at haying use of peat soils are presented in the article. The economic and power assessment of doses of lime application at various systems of mineral fertilizer is given.


Volna Halavach

The state regulation experience of the agrarian sector support of foreign economy. P. 5660

Summary: In the article the contemporary experience of investment activity in agrarian economy is analyzed. The main forms and directions of the state support of agriculture are examined, characteristics of methods and types of state subsidizing and crediting of agrarian sector of separate countries are revealed. The estimation of contemporary condition and perspectives of the state support development of agricultural enterprise taking into consideration the tendencies of the world economy are given.


New editions in the fund of the Belarus agricultural library of I.S. Lupinovich (I. Fomina). P. 6164


The materials published in magazine Agrarian economics in 2017. P. 6572