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Agrarian Economics, № 11, 2014


Rural economics


Yury Sialiukou, Vitali Chabatul

To the question of efficiency of investment activities and investment management in agro-industrial complex of Belarus, P. 210

Summary: Identified requirements to research the performance of investment management, as well as the principles and criteria of the above process. Analyzed the approaches to evaluating the effectiveness of investment and investment management in the agricultural sector. Evaluated their advantages and disadvantages. Conclusions are drawn regarding the potential application of these approaches in agro-industrial complex of Belarus.


Nicholas Yakovcic

Regional aspects of the formation of personnel potential in agro-industrial complex of Belarus and Russia, P. 1117

Summary: The article focuses on the regional aspects of the formation of personnel potential of the agricultural sector of Belarus and Russia. Set out the conceptual foundations of the program of professional retraining and advanced training of AIC of the Union State of Belarus and Russia in the years 20152019.



Heorhi Kolasau

Retrospective analysis of the development organizing-legal aspect lands relations on Belorussian lands, P. 1826

Summary: In article is offered analysis to histories of the development organizing-legal aspect lands relations on territory modern Belarus.


Problems of branches of Agroindustrial Complex



Pavel Shvedko, Еleonora Кнorobryкh

World market trends agricultural machinery (for example, tractors), P. 2734

Summary: This article discusses the global trends of the market of agricultural machinery tractors example, the principles of its formation, influencing factors, elements of market regulation. The current state of the market for agricultural machinery in the context of individual countries are highlighted in leading engineering concern, engaged in the production of agricultural machinery and their development trends. Separately presented market agricultural tractors Russia and Belarus. The basic global trends in the agricultural machinery market and a number of suggestions for effective development.


Vasilina Lipskaya

The directions of competitive recovery of homegrown combine harvesters revelation, P. 3548

Summary: The analysis of the grain-harvesting equipment produced by the enterprises of agricultural machinery industry was carried out. The strong and weak aspects of combine harvesters were defined, the main directions of competitive recovery are determined.



Svetlana Rabova

Methods and instruments of greening economics of the Republic of Belarus, P. 4953

Summary: The article discusses ways greening of human life. The analysis tools of administrative regulation greening, such as standardization and environmental certification. Tendencies of the development of construction in the Republic of Belarus, based on energy savings. Been a lack of interest from investors in the financing of sustainable projects. A promising direction in the development of environmentally friendly real estate market in the Republic of Belarus is determined state economic incentives and social impact on a person for the purpose of forming beliefs need to harmonize with nature.


Foreign experience



Anatoliy Kucher, Lesya Kucher

Commercialization of intellectual property as one of the directions of development of intellectual business in the agricultural sphere, P. 5458

Summary: The theoretical aspects of the commercialization of intellectual property, which is one of the areas of intellectual business in the agrarian sector of Ukraine's economy, are discussed is the article. In particular, the basic methods and stages of commercialization of intellectual property rights, as well as barriers that arise in the way of commercialization are considered. Taking into account the international experience, some directions of overcome these barriers and actualization of processes commercialization of intellectual property in the agricultural sector, are suggested.


Valentin Dyachenko

The formation of economic sustainability of agricultural enterprises, P. 5964

Summary: The features of the economic sustainability of agricultural enterprises have been determined in the article. The factors of its formation have been identified.



Elena Ksonova

Express diagnostic of agricultural enterprises activity which is based on the model of estimates of the interior social efficiency (MAISE), P. 6570

Summary: In the context of the research presents a methodology of express diagnostics the using level of personnel potential in agricultural enterprises carried out by forming an valuation model of internal social efficiency. The application field of the mentioned model is the quantitative assessment of the internal social efficiency. The latter is represents a qualitative production characteristic the satisfaction level of the needs of entities directly involved in it..



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New editions in the fund of the Belarus agricultural library of I.S. Lupinovich (I. Fomina), P. 7172