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Fadej Suboch

Сloud technology in the area of cluster-forming platforms. P. 219


Yuliya Rybalka, Michael Zapolsky

Promising organizational-economic model cluster development of the poultry industry. P. 2029

Summary: In conditions of market economy is relevant to improve the efficiency of the poultry industry is the creation of clusters. The paper proposed a promising model of development of the poultry industry taking into account the achieved level of development of its production potential, identified and formulated the basic conditions of its creation and the main characteristics, the mechanism of functioning of this model in the poultry industry.


Vladimir Grakun

Transaction role in efficiency increase of agrochemical providing of rural producers. P. 3038

Summary: The creation necessity of essentially new relations for the system of agrochemical providing agriculture on the basis of scientific research results generalization is proved in the article. Organizational approaches of agrochemical providing for rural producers at the regional level are approved. The mechanism of electronic transaction in the market of chemicalization means of agriculture is offered and economic efficiency assessment of purchase protection means of plants by means of the electronic auction is given.


Andrei Buracheuski

The method of estimating the optimal composition of the branches of specialty agricultural enterprises. P. 3944

Summary: The necessity to develop new methodological technique of the analysis of the optimality of the composition and structure of sectors in the production system of specialized organizations. Reflects the provisions of the proposed methods and carried out testing on the basis of data on the functioning of specialized pork producers.


Halina Rudchenko

Methodical approaches to the assessment of economic efficiency of introduction of biogas complexes in agricultural organizations. P. 4553

Summary: The article deals with methodological approaches to assessing the economic efficiency of introducing decentralized energy sources into the energy supply system of economic entities. The author's methodology for a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of the introduction of biogas complexes is proposed, which proposes to distinguish the type of the received result (economic, ecological, agronomic) when forming the cash inflows, and in the formation of the outflow of money, to differentiate costs (one-time costs, annual costs, additional annual costs, with payment to the power system for the maintenance of reserve capacities).


Aina Kusainova

Sugar market of the Eurasian Economic Union strategic measures and expectations. P. 5459


Katsiaryna Khmel

Features and problems of operation of water supply systems of agricultural organizations. P. 6066

Summary: The article deals with the problems and characteristics of determining the cost of 1 m3 of water in agricultural organizations, and analysed the relationship between the owners of water supply systems and specialised enterprises or organizations when performing maintenance work to ensure a continuous supply of the required quality of water in an amount sufficient to cost effectively.

The authors developed four alternative organizational models for the operation of water supply systems and proposed a methodology for calculating the cost of water for agricultural organizations in order to create a unified approach to the calculation of water supply costs and to search for savings reserves based on existing features of the organisation of operation of such water supply systems in the Republic of Belarus.

An economic-mathematical model that includes the objective function and a system of restrictions in order to optimize the choice for the water supply system of the best organizational model of operation and minimize the costs of water supply was developed.

To select the optimal organizational model, owners of water supply systems are encouraged to use the algorithm developed by the author.


Tatyana Ivanova

Methodology for assessing personal potential of managers and specialists of agricultural organizations of Russian Federation and determine the rate of its reproduction. P. 6772

Summary: The article examines the existing systems of indicators and methodology for assessing personal potential of agricultural organizations, as well as the necessity of assessing the personal potential of managers and specialists based on unified data for the country as a whole, since it is impossible to take into account the private indicators of specific organizations at the macro level. To this end, the relevant methodology was developed, which includes: the methodology for determining the levels of personal potential of managers and specialists of agricultural organizations, the calculation of the integral indicator of the rate of reproduction of personal potential.