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Agrarian Economics, № 10, 2014




Rural economics



Zinaida Ilyina, Natallia Kireyenko

Trends in the development of trade infrastructure of the food market of Belarus. P. 220

Summary: Food policy is viewed as a set of measures of distribution of basic food products, the efficiency of which depends on the development of infrastructural sphere. In this paper we study the trends and prospects of development of trade infrastructure market for agricultural products and foodstuffs ready Belarus. An integrated analysis allows to prove the effectiveness of assessment main sectors (retail, wholesale, branded trade). The optimum structure of trade of food market infrastructure, including institutional, functional and system-subsystem is offered.


Fadej Suboch

Transformation of the institutional space of the cluster in the food system of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). P. 2131


Lilia Shchukina

The formation of the raw zone agricultural cluster: an approach from the perspective of sustainable development. P. 3239

Summary: In this article the methodical approach to the formation of raw zone agricultural cluster is posed, taking into account indicators of the resource potential of agriculture and installed the imperatives of sustainable development of socio-economic systems. In this approach the definition of a sector specialization agricultural cluster is provided. On the basis of approbation the main tendencies and regularities of distribution regions into classes are revealed, composition of the raw zone agricultural cluster and its specialization are proved.


Yury Sialiukou, Vitali Chabatul

Foreign and domestic practice of investment management in agro-industrial production and the main ways of its improvement in the Republic of Belarus. P. 4046

Summary: A comparative analysis of the practice of investment management in agriculture production economically developed countries and the Republic of Belarus. The conclusion of the centralized nature of investment management in agroindustrial complex. The basic ways of improvement of investment management in agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Belarus.


Elena Molozhavaya

The economic substance and the identification characteristics of a single food market. P. 4750

Summary: The article reveals the economic substance of a single food market. Presents the importance of a single food market to ensure food security integrating countries and enhance the well-being of the population.


Problems of branches of Agroindustrial Complex


Vitalij Lapa, Anna Zhagun

Economical efficiency of composite macro and micro fertilizers, retardant and fungicides in winter wheat cultivation. P. 5155

Summary: The data on agrochemical and economical efficiency of composite macro and micro fertilizers, retardant and fungicides in cultivation of two winter wheat varieties Syita and Finesiya are presented. Maximum economical well-founded productivity levels of winter wheat grain and corresponding to them indexes of covering the cost of mineral fertilizers by grain yield increase and corresponding to them indexes of net income and profit are established.


Foreign experience


Tatsiana Filiukova

Regulation experience of agricultural production market in the European Union. P. 5660


Anatoliy Kucher, Lesya Kucher

The strategic aspects of competitiveness of agricultural enterprises at the regional level.P. 6166

Summary: The theoretical and methodical aspects of the elaboration and selection of the strategy of agricultural enterprises development as a necessary tool for the formation of their competitiveness are considered. The competitiveness level of agricultural enterprises in the regional market of agricultural products is determined. The basic strategies of competitiveness formation on the example of a particular agricultural enterprise are proposed.


Konstantin Novitskiy

Methodological basis of innovative business project, realizing the potential of stevia. P. 6772

Summary: The article studies scientific and methodological approaches to the development of business project for realization of innovative potential of a plant product (natural sweetener produced from Stevia). The author defines conditions of formation of an innovative portfolio of orders for plant growing industry research institution. The article offers innovative business projecting algorithm.

Realization of innovation potential of stevia will favour creation in Ukraine the conditions for attraction of resources to ensure stable and efficient production of useful and important natural sugar substitute.