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Liudmila Lopatnuk, Inna Kulaga

Theoretical approaches of reasons for interrelation of diversification of production and agro-industrial integration. P. 27

Summary: Theoretical approaches to determination of types of diversification transformations of productions at the entities of agrarian and industrial complex are researched. The main conditions, prerequisites and factors of creation of the integrated agro-industrial forming are given. The conceptual model of interrelation of diversification of production and agro-industrial integration is proved.


Nadezda Radchenko, Alena Sakalouskaya

Methodological approaches to assessing competitiveness of agricultural products. P. 813

Summary: Enhancing the competitiveness of the agrarian sector is one of the key objectives nowadays, especially in the context of growing competition in the markets of the EAEC countries and far abroad. In this regard, first and foremost, the need arises to assess the level of competitiveness of the domestic agriculture. The article considers various methodological approaches that can be used to address this problem. It also provides an algorithm that allows evaluate the competitiveness of the products in the agricultural sector and solve the problem of assessing the level of competitiveness of agricultural products on the basis of statistical data.


Michael Zapolskiy, Maria Nazarova

The economic content marketing strategy in terms of integration interaction of enterprises of the agrarian sector. P. 1422

Summary: The article presents the results of the system analysis of the definitions given in the scientific literature, 'strategy', 'marketing', 'marketing strategy', 'integrated formation'. Made systematization of conceptual apparatus has allowed to formulate a scientific definition of 'marketing strategy' with regard to the functioning of integrated agribusiness groups.


Katsiaryna Khmialnitskaya

Application of factor analysis to group enterprises performs functions marketing. P. 2329

Summary: The article describes the results of the factor analysis carried out in relation to the marketing functions of the woodworking and furniture enterprises of the Republic of Belarus. It was found that this activity is not the main most of these structures, focuses on the functions of the unit, focused on improving the efficiency of marketing activity.


Olha Steshyts

Methodical approaches to the assessment of capacity of regions of Republic of Belarus on development of organic agricultural production. P. 3040

Summary: In article the essence of products of organic agricultural industry reveals. On the basis of statistical data the short analysis of indicators of a condition of the world market of organic products is carried out, relevance and the economic importance of market grouping of products of organic agricultural industry in Republic of Belarus is proved. The technique of an assessment of potential of organic production of regions is developed.


Oksana Charheika

Probiotic efficiency preparation baytril-2 at growing and fattening of chickens-broilers. P. 4148

Summary: In practice, broiler poultry are widely used various biologically active additives to enhance the vitality of young birds, increasing the speed adaptation systems and functions of the organism to the environment, and to stimulate growth. Some of these additives are probiotic preparations.


Yury German

Perspectives of financial investments into local sheep breeding. P. 4953


Vadym Ivchenko

Formation of the regulatory environment of economic activities in the agricultural sector of Ukraine. P. 5460

Summary: In the article the historical features of transformation process of agricultural sector of Ukraine were considered. There were listed the directions of the state agrarian policy. There was systematized a content of the main stages of the formation of the regulatory environment for business activity. The estimation of legal functioning of existing economic structures in agriculture was made. There was justified the necessity to stimulate the development of small-scale production for the improving of competitiveness of domestic production in terms of European integration. There was made a comparison of favorable institutional business development in Ukraine and other countries.