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Nikolai Yakovchik

The main directions of the national food market development in the context of the problems of human balanced diet. P. 29

Summary: The article describes some problems of providing the national food market with environmentally safe food products of domestic production, presents the analysis and suggests the ways of their solutions.


Elena Karpenko, Valery Karpenko, Valeriya Sukhotskaya

Dairy products market: from trade mark to brand. P. 1015

Summary: The authors analyzed portfolios of Belarusian brands of dairy products, defined the criteria for determining the brand. Also in article the peculiarities of the formation and development of brand relations in Belarus were revealed.


Mikhail Zhudro

Economy 4.0 and the need for inclusion of startups in the business. P. 1621

Summary: In the article, based on the assessment of current trends in the investment and market solvency of the agro-industrial complex, it is established that traditional methods and instruments of agribusiness management, based primarily on the theory and methodology of formatting linear management configurations and the proportions of interaction between the resources involved and the results of their use through the modernization of the company's technological capacities, Growth of agro-resources performance against the bac.

The author reasoned that for a real and substantial increase in the competitiveness of the economy of the agroindustrial complex in the economy of 4.0 it is necessary to intensify the development and practical application of hybridization of the use of physical and artificial intelligence through the creation and inclusiveness of start-ups in the activities of agrarian organizations that provide exponential growth of key indicators of their market activities.


Heorhi Kolasau

Forecasting costs associated with the cultivation of crops on arable land of the Republic of Belarus, through economic and mathematical modeling. P. 2231

Summary: Forecasting of costs associated with the cultivation of crops on arable lands of the Republic of Belarus by means of economic-mathematical modeling.


Viktoryia Lioukina

Features of the relationship between the organization and motivation of labor in the livestock of the Mogilev region. P. 3241

Summary: The main results of the research of the relationship between the organization and motivation of labor in the livestock sector in the Mogilev region are presented.


Valery Shvaratsky

Two sides of seasonality of milk production. P. 4249

Summary: The article provides a brief comparative analysis of milk production, the definition and classification of seasonality of production of dairy cattle, methods of determination of its presence and measure the degree of influence on the production process of milk, and shows the relationship between qualitative and quantitative change of seasonality and other dynamic processes, pro-walking in the dairy industry.


Olga Karaban

Quality of dairy raw materials as the most important factor of increase of economic efficiency of functioning of a dairy subcomplex. P. 5056

Summary: In article the analysis of quality of the milk received by the agricultural organizations of the Minsk region is carried out. Dynamics of structure of milk on grades, both across the Minsk region, and on areas is reflected. Grouping calculations for an indicator of specific weight of milk of a grade extra in a total amount of sales are made. A comparative assessment of indicators of economic efficiency of production of milk in Gastellovskoye and Nestanovichi-Agro is given. The reasons of poor quality of milk are established. Requirements to the milk arriving for processing on organoleptic, physical and chemical, microbiological indicators and indicators of safety are stated.


Iuliia Samoilyk

Market of livestocks production as the main subsystem of agricultural market. P. 5766

Summary: Approaches to identifying of the gist and role of the agri-food market as part of the internal have been further developed. It is justified that globalization determines the development of this sector of the economy and makes adjustments to its structure. Scientific approaches to functions, structural elements and types of agri-food markets have been generalized. The tendencies of their development in Ukraine have been described. It is revealed that the achieved indicators are at a level much lower, potentially possible. The main factors that hamper the development of this sphere are formulated. The directions of increasing the efficiency of the functioning of the subjects of this sphere have been determined.


New editions in the fund of the Belarus agricultural library of I.S. Lupinovich (I. Fomina). P. 6772