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Rural economics


Svetlana MAKRAK

Management of material resources in the context of ensuring the sustainability of the agroindustrial complex. Р. 3–17

Substantiated are approaches to improving the processes of managing material resources, focused on the formation of an integrated management system in the context of increasing the efficiency of agricultural production. The provisions of the scientific and theoretical (the target model of material resources management in agriculture, taking into account the interrelation of the subjects of the national economy, the evolution of the national economy and the conditions for making managerial decisions in terms of material resources; the general scheme of ordinal factors of state regulation of direct and indirect influence on the effectiveness of the use of material resources in agriculture) and methodological (improvement blocks the current practice of managing material resources in the context of ensuring the financial and investment stability of the agroindustrial complex) character.



Prospects for the formation of a Center for cluster development of innovative technologies in the agroindustrial complex "Healthy nutrition" in the area of the doctrine of import substitution of the Union state and the EAEU on the platform of the Chinese-Belarusian industrial park "Great stone". Р. 18–37



Assessment of trends in the development of peasant (farm) enterprises of the Republic of Belarus in the regional aspect. Р. 38–47

The article provides a detailed analysis of the indicators characterizing the activities of peasant (farmer) enterprises in the Republic of Belarus, assesses the effectiveness of their functioning. The dynamics of their number and availability of land resources that have developed over the 2017–2021 years has been revealed. The list number of employees and the load of agricultural land on each of them has been analyzed. The volume of agricultural production, net profit and the number of unprofitable peasant (farmer) enterprises have been estimated. Together, all this made it possible to identify areas for the development of proposals for their further development.



Conceptual foundations of motivation of labor and creative activity of the rural population. Р. 48–57

The analysis of the main macroeconomic indicators and proportions shows a decrease in the efficiency of human capital in the agricultural sector within the system of motivation of labor and creative activity of the rural population. It was found that the relatively low share of the average number of workers in agricultural organizations in the total number of those employed in rural areas indicates the need to expand the boundaries of the motivational profile of human capital increment. Agrarian-territorial communities – formal and informal associations of people, directly or indirectly influencing its formation and development, are considered as objects of incentives.



Management of rural economy in the context of noospheric worldview and sustainable development. Р. 58–67

The article briefly reveals the genesis of the concept of "sustainable rural development", the evolution of the rural economy, and also presents some modern approaches to the problem of rural development management. The potential contribution of the rural economy to the achievement of sustainable development goals is shown.

The author's complex of genetic and evolutionary foundations that form the architecture of the rural economy is presented.


Problems of agroindustrial complex industries



Regional peculiarities of sugar beet cultivation in Belarus. Р. 68–77

The article presents the regional results of a comprehensive ranking assessment of the functioning of the sugar beet industry. It was revealed that the farms of the Minsk region turned out to be the undisputed leader in terms of the complex of production and dynamic indicators. The Grodno region took the second ranking place, and the farms of the Mogilev region took the third.

The study of the economic and financial performance of the Belarusian sugar production showed that over a five-year period (2016–2020), the final performance of the industry has significantly decreased: the total cost of 1 ton of root crops in 2020. compared to 2016, it was higher than the selling price of products, and the level of profitability of commodity root crops fell by almost 31 percentage points. In conclusion, the article provides a set of measures to improve the regional production, economic and financial performance of the sugar beet industry.


Foreign experience



Management accounting in the agroindustrial complex and its automation: domestic and foreign experience. Р. 78–89

Approaches to the formation of the concept of «management accounting in the agroindustrial complex» in the works of domestic and foreign researchers are considered. Differences between accounting, financial and managerial types of accounting are revealed and systematized.

The directions for improving management accounting in agricultural organizations are identified, the main of which is the transition to a full automated form of accounting, which will improve the level and quality of management decisions made by the administrative and managerial personnel.


Reference information


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