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Rural economics



Internationalization of cluster structures in the agroindustrial complex as a direction for the development of export potential. Р. 3–12

The article defines the purpose and tasks of clustering the agrofood sector in the context of realizing the export potential of the agroindustrial complex. The main prerequisites for creating clusters are systematized, taking into account the priority of foreign trade relations of the participants in the cluster process. Theoretical and methodological approaches of effective cluster formation in the foreign trade sphere have been developed. The main advantages of internationalization of the cluster process in the context of the subjects of cluster organizations are revealed. The basic steps of internationalization of cluster structures are presented.



Formation of an intersectoral Center for cluster development on the example of a sugar product subcomplex of the Union State in the area of the import substitution doctrine: factors, patterns, implementation mechanisms, prospects. Р. 13–38



Theoretical foundations of rendering state support to аgroindustrial complex organizations. Р. 39–48

The article presents the results of studies of the mechanism for providing state support to agroindustrial complex organizations, including the directions of financing investment projects. Definitions of the terms "subsidies for the payment of interest (part of interest) for the use of loans", "budget transfers to reimburse part of the capital costs of investment projects", and a flowchart for improving the mechanisms of state support for the agroindustrial complex of the Republic of Belarus (classification of state support measures) are given.


Anatoly Saiganov, Anatoly Takun, Alexander Rusakovich, Igor Kovalev

The current state and the main directions of the effectiveness of functionality of agroservice organizations of the Republic of Belarus. Р. 49–60

The modern structure of the republican association “Belagroservice” is determined. A deep and comprehensive analysis was carried out, as well as an assessment of the production and financial condition of domestic agroservice organizations. At the same time, accounts receivable and accounts payable were studied, the structure of revenue and the profitability of certain types of agroservice works and services were considered. Promising directions for the effective functioning of agroservice organizations at the present stage have been developed.


Svetlana ShUTOVA

Participation of agricultural business organizations in the formation of the fund for innovative development of the scientific technology park of the Republic of Belarus. Р. 61–70

The features of the functioning of scientific technology parks of the Republic of Belarus and their residents are studied. A comparative analysis of the economic efficiency of the functioning of agricultural organizations was carried out in accordance with the planned indicators for the implementation of the State Agrarian Business Program for 2016–2020. The influence of the functioning of the innovation development fund in the technopark on the effectiveness of the commercialization of innovations and the production and economic activities of residents is determined.


Problems of agroindustrial complex industries



The mechanism of marketing support of national subjects of the vegetable market. Р. 71–77

A mechanism for marketing support of national subjects of the vegetable market has been developed, which includes a set of regulatory, institutional, marketing and infrastructural conditions to ensure economic relations between market operators. A set of measures to unite producers and processors of vegetables, as well as organizations of trade, transport, logistics, warehousing, packaging at the interstate, national, regional and local levels is substantiated. It is proposed to create a public association “National Vegetable Growers” as a non-profit organization, whose activities will be aimed at providing information and consulting, marketing, representative and educational services.



System analysis and evaluation of the functioning of the fruit and vegetable subcomplex in the Republic of Belarus. Р. 78–88

One of the most important tasks facing the agroindustrial complex of Belarus is to increase the production of vegetables, fruits and berries in order to provide the population with high-quality fruits and vegetables, increase export potential, and increase the efficiency of processing industries. At present, due to the current foreign policy situation and in conditions exacerbated by the consequences of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, this task is becoming increasingly relevant. Discusses the trends in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables in Belarus and proposes measures to increase the production of vegetables, fruits and berries.



Economic, zootechnical and radiological efficiency of the feed additive Antiket with the introduction of ferrocin. Р. 89–96

Presents the results of a comprehensive study of the production test of the feed additive “Antiket” with the introduction of ferrocin in the diet of dairy cows during the summer-pasture keeping of animals. The results of its radiological, zootechnical and economic efficiency are presented.