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Rural economics




World market of potatoes and potato products and Belarus's place in it. P. 3–16

The article provides a comprehensive analysis of the world market for potatoes and potato products. A comparative assessment of world production and trade in terms of commodity and geographic focus is given. Key world players in the potato and processed potato market are presented. The place of the Republic of Belarus in the world commodity flows of potatoes and potato products in commodity, country and price aspects has been determined.


Alexander GORBATOVSKiJ, Oksana GORBATOVSKAYA, Marina TimOshenkO

Production efficiency in product subcomplexes: methodological approaches to the identification and evaluation of reserves. P. 17–29

The establishment of opportunities for sustainable development of the branches of agriculture through qualitative and quantitative factors of increasing production, the implementation of measures to improve its efficiency will allow to form a reasonable amount of raw materials within the framework of the product subcomplexes of the agroindustrial complex.

The article considers the main results of the development of cattle breeding in the organizations of the system of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus. It substantiates the criterion of identifying reserves for the growth of milk production, develops methodological approaches to their evaluation, and is tested on the data of a sample of enterprises of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus.



The concept and essence of intangible assets as an economic category. P. 30–38

Based on the generalization of approaches of domestic and foreign researchers, the article proposes the author's interpretation of the essence and structure of the category «intangible assets», the novelty of which lies in a more complete accounting and involvement of the unidentifiable part in the economic activity of a commercial organization. The key differences of accounting and economic approaches to the definition and accounting of intangible assets were considered, a number of specific difficulties in the management of these assets were identified, the most important relationships that determine the new context of innovation development based on the use of the potential of available enterprise intangible assets were revealed.



Methodology for the integral dynamic assessment of the competitiveness of regions with an emphasis on the environmental component. P. 39–55

Based on the study of various methods and methodologies for assessing the competitiveness of regions used in modern domestic and foreign science, an algorithm for assessing the competitiveness of regions of the Republic of Belarus in conditions of sustainable development has been determined and substantiated, which includes 3 stages – preparatory, assessment, analysis of the assessment results according to the system of selected 6 aggregated indicators that do not contradict each other and reflect the real (current state) and potential (the totality of available opportunities) competitiveness of the region from the standpoint of sustainable development, on the basis of which the levels of competitiveness of the regions of the Republic of Belarus are assessed on based on collected statistical data for the period 2015–2019; the requirements for the system of indicators are determined, which can be classified according to the direction and degree of impact.

The rating assessment of the regions according to the real, potential and integral coefficient of the competitiveness of the regions of the republic is presented in accordance with the proposed rating scale (from 0 to 1).



Business career planning of an employee of the agroindustrial complex. P. 56–68

Types, models and stages of professional career, as well as stages of formation of an employee as a professional, are considered. Criteria for promotion of personnel building (planning) an administrative career (“managers”) and employees who choose the path of “an expert” are featured. Peculiarities determining prospects for professional and rank growth in small agribusiness are highlighted.

Example of professional development chart shows what a person should focus on in order to achieve a set goal. Attention is paid not only to factors of a successful career of personnel, taking into account their personal and business qualities, but also to objective conditions affecting the employee's career advancement.


Foreign experience



The assessment of the state and problems of the transport and logistics infrastructure of Ukraine using the SWOT analysis method. P. 69–83

Ukraine is increasing the production of grain crops from year to year. The export is growing. The infrastructure went to Ukraine from the planned economic system. She has designed to meet the needs of the economy of the USSR. Fundamental modernization of infrastructure in Ukraine hasn’t been carried out in the past 30 years. The railroad car fleet has completely worn out. Most of the roads require major repairs. River navigation has underdeveloped. The leading position in the transportation of grain belongs to road transport. He carries out the transportation of grain crops with a significant excess of the permissible weight norms. This practice leads to the destruction of the road surface. Railway transport cannot fully ensure the transshipment of the entire volume of grain during the peak months of the marketing year. The problem of transporting agricultural products, in particular grain and leguminous crops, is relevant not only for Ukraine, but also for most post-Soviet countries: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, etc. The features of the functioning of railway, road and river transport in the context of transportation of grain and leguminous crops have analyzed in the article. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of all three modes of transport (railway, water transport, motor transport) in Ukraine have identified using the SWOT analysis method: The situation that has arisen on the Ukrainian Railways has analyzed. Ways to solve the problems associated with the operation of all three modes of transport have formulated. Strengthening the role of the state in the work of the Ukrainian railway has recommended.



Foreign experience of functioning of centralized food funds. P. 84–96

The article presents the results of a study of the functioning of food funds in foreign countries, including in the EAEU member states. The approaches to the creation of food reserves and the differences in the functions performed by them, as well as the features of the management of food reserves in different countries are highlighted. The role of food funds in strengthening food security at the national level during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has been determined.