Department of Agroindustrial branches economy

Food safety department

Head of the department – Karpovich Nataliya, Candidate of Economics.

Тel.: +375 17 275 29 40


Foreign Economic Relations Sector

It is involved into the development of theoretical and methodological bases of guaranteeing business mechanism of Food Security; the enhancement productivity and competitiveness of agricultural products based on innovative progress of branches; the creation of extensive network of regional food markets; the optimization of sales channels and pattern; the forecasting activity concerned the development of Agroindustrial Complex and food market; the monitoring holding of national and regional Food Security.

This sector goes in for the research of theoretical and methodological bases for the development of foreign economic activity in the agri-food sector of the economy of Belarus, identification of foreign economic relations problems, export and import of agricultural products and finished food, development of promising directions and mechanisms for efficiency increase of foreign trade of agri-food products.

Head of the Sector – Gusakova Irina, Candidate of Economics.

Тel.: +375 17 215 22 07


Quality Sector

The Sector researches and develops theoretical and methodological bases and scientific and practical recommendations in the field of agricultural product quality management, including issues of monitoring, regulatory, information and legal support, motivation and control of quality and sacurity of agricultural products.

Head of the Sector – Pochtovaya Irina Grigoryevna, Candidate of Economics, associate professor.

Тel.: +375 17 375 64 94


Sector of Agroindustrial Complex Planning

This Sector is involved in the development of economic analysis methodology and market agricultural planning; the substantiation of industrial, resource and cost standards for effective competitive conduct and growth of agriculture.

Head of the Sector – Brechko Yaroslav.

Тel.: +375 17 378 40 30


Sector of Agriculture

Its activity includes the research and substantiation of economic efficient usage of production potential of agricultural branches, the areas of their intensification, the optimization specialization and production structure of production pattern.

Head of the Sector – Gorbatovskiy Alexander.

Тel.: +375 17 355 54 01